Alfa Romeo Stelvio – The Luxury Champ

Alfa Romeo Stelvio is an awesome SUV that is designed to bring back all the perfections that were once a dream of every car lover. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is not just another car. It was Alfa Romeo’s goal to make a car that would provide the best road experience and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Alfa Romeo has successfully achieved this goal. 

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio has an attractive design and a luxurious interior combined with smooth and powerful performance. This makes the car worth driving. Its awesome style catches attention of people when the car is on the road. Overall, the car has a sharp look and it comes in eye-catching colors. These features make it one of the most unique cars across the globe and it’s just like a dream come true. 

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Each Stelvio model has its own unique features and the car itself is a symbol of luxury. The Stelvio Ti Sport is one of the famous models and it is a sports luxury car with Italian craftsmanship printed over the body. 

Specs and Features of Romeo Stelvio

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a compact 5 door SUV that is categorized as a luxury car. The vehicle was introduced in the year 2016 at the Los Angeles Auto Show that was held at the beginning of winter. After a good response from the audience and a decent demand, Alfa Romeo started the production of Stelvio by the end of 2016. Stelvio is the most sold card manufactured by Alfa Romeo and is gaining even more success with every passing year. 

The car is being assembled in Italy at the FCA Cassino Plant which is located in Piedimonte San Germano. Moreover, it is being manufactured by Alfa Romeo, which is an Italian luxury car manufacturer. The 5 door crossover SUV has an F4 layout which is also known as the FR layout. This is basically a layout that supports the 4WD system and has a front engine. It is best for cars that are used for rally racing and it can be very helpful when off-roading. 

Moreover, latest technology has been used in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio which makes it one of the most updated cars available to purchase. Alfa has always focused on innovation and this model is a live example. 

Engine used in Alfa Romeo Stelvio

A 2.0L GME T4 Mulair turbo I4 petrol engine is installed in Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The GME T4 is basically a family of engine that is designed and manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automobile Company and it is one of the strongest engines used in luxury vehicles. The MultiAir technology is part of the engine. It has a hydraulically actuated variable with a variable valve lift and the technology can be best described as a cylinder by cylinder, stroke by stroke engine. Moreover, the car also comes in two other variants, one has a 2.9L F154 twin turbo engine and the other has a 2.2L JTDm I4 diesel engine. 

Alfa Romeo Stelvio has an 8 speed automatic transmission. This makes it even more unique. The transmission allows individuals to enjoy comfortable, smooth rides. Isn’t that amazing?


Romeo Stelvio has a 2818mm wheelbase and is 4687mm long. It is 1903mm wide and almost 1648mm high. The kerb weight of this car is 1660kg and the overall dimensions make it a very stable car. The high body and a wider base area makes it stable and the wheelbase gives it a strong road grip. 

Alfa has done a good job producing a car that provides the perks of an SUV and the feel of a luxury car. The car has gained popularity across the globe and is still going very strong! Protection Status
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