Alfa Romeo MiTo Veloce – the mini super car!

The Alfa Romeo Mito Veloce is one of the most popular cars across the globe. Its unique design along with attractive features makes it the best package one can get in this price range. The genius design of this awesome hatchback was designed by professionals who were looking to introduce something new, something innovative. It is safe to say that this goal was successfully achieved by Alfa. 

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It may seem like maintaining it without Alfa Romeo extended car warranty package is not that hard but the reality does not agree. Not everyone can afford the repair and maintenance costs of luxury cars. Imagine paying thousands of dollars, just to keep your Alfa Romeo Mito alive, how hard would that be?

To overcome such obstacles, you must buy Alfa Romeo extended car warranty package which covers the costs on your behalf and provide you with the best all in one solution and numerous helpful services. You won’t have to worry about anything and the best part is, you can keep on driving your Mito for a longer period of time!

About Alfa Romeo Mito

The awesome Alfa Romeo Mito was introduced in 2008 at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. It was internationally introduced at the British Motor Show in the same year. The car was produced and sold all across the globe for the next 10 years and its journey turned out to be quite successful. Alfa Romeo Mito Veloces’ production totaled around 265000 units at FCA’s Mirafiori Plant. The car is still very popular today. 

Alfa Romeo Mito was manufactured by Alfa Romeo itself and it was assembled in Turin, Italy. Moreover, it was designed by Juan Manuel Diaz at Centro Stile. The beautiful exterior and attractive look became very popular after its launch. 

Mito Veloce is classified as a super mini car and is a 3 door hatchback. The name of this car was decided after a public naming competition that was held in different countries. Thousands of suggestions were received by Alfa and soon they decided to name it Mito Veloce. The car is since then known by this unique name. 


Alfa Romeo Mito Veloce has a 0.9L TwinAir Petrol engine. The car comes with different variants and each variant has a different engine. Some of them have a 1.4L petrol engine while in other models, an LPG engine is installed. Moreover, Mito Veloce comes with a 5 speed and also a 6 speed manual transmission. The car is also available with a 6 speed Dual Dry clutch transmission which is an automated transmission model and works just like a manual transmission. 


Alfa Romeo has a 2511mm wheelbase and is 4063mm long. The car is 1721mm wide and 1446mm high. Its Kerb weight is nearly 1205kg and the low base area and the perfect streamlined body makes it a very stable vehicle. 

Overall, it is a decent car and has proven to be very successful all across the globe. Protection Status
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