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Aston Martin Vantage Warranty Coverage

Here’s good news for you, Patriot Warranty covers Aston Martin Vantage!

Patriot Warranty covers almost all models of Aston Martin Vantage. With our award-winning services, we make sure that your Aston Martin Vantage stays as new as it was when you purchased it. A standard warranty provided by Aston Martin Vantage is only valid for just a few years. After it gets expired, all costs have to be paid by the owner. Repairing an Aston Martin Vantage or maintaining it regularly can be very expensive. Not everyone can afford it. To give you a complete peace of mind and provide you with worry free solutions that’ll protect you and your budget, Patriot Warranty is here to help. The best automobile services are just a phone call away!

The importance of having a warranty for Aston Martin Vantage:

top warranty for aston martin vantage

Nothing is finer than owning an Aston Martin Vantage. Your Aston Martin Vantage is a prize possession regardless of how often you use it. If you ever had the misfortune of replacing a part or even enduring routine maintenance, you know it can be very expensive. To keep you away from all the worries and take care of all the hassle, Patriot Warranty is here for you. So save money on your next repair, plan ahead of time, subscribe to Patriot Warranty top rated warranty now.

warranty for your aston martin

How to make use of Aston Martin Vantage’s Warranty?

If you are facing any trouble operating your Aston Martin Vantage and you feel like the issue is covered under our Aston Martin Vantage Warranty Coverage, feel free to contact

  • on our helpline 1-605-681-9801‬
  • or you can login to our customer portal
  • or you can email us at

We only charge you with the affordable part of the total cost. Rest is handled by Patriot Warranty.The best part is, you can choose a mechanic of your choice to get your car repaired by using our warranty services.

Why you need Patriot Aston Martin Vantage Warranty Coverage ?

Aston Martin is one of the top luxury car brands out there. Vantage, being a luxury 2 seater sports car is another one of their luxurious models. However, it was recalled by the manufacturers in during 2011-2012. The poor transmission was one of the causes. A sports car with a problematic transmission is definitely a no-no scenario. Even though, the software was updated but it did not fix the problem entirely. Auto-clutch restored settings were not deleted. Unfortunately, these settings did not go align with the new update of the transmission software as well as the engine control software. This is a crucial part as in this situation the clutch will go beyond specification.

That's not it, there were more risks involved in this problem. Slipping of the clutch and overheating which causes clutch protection of the transmission. The warning light would appear and cause further hiccups for the driver's while changing gears. This would last till the temperature would go back to normal.

Martin's Vantage clutch should last at least 40000 miles roughly but since there are problems related to the clutch system, users might need a repair or replacement which would vary between $2000 - $7000, depending upon the level of problem or the clutch part that needs replacement.

What is covered under a Aston Martin Vantage Warranty Plan?

While we aim to provide our customers with an all in one solution, our Aston Martin Vantage Warranty Coverage includes: Engine, transmission, ABS, Brakes, AC, Heating, Driving axle, supercharger, Fuel system, towing, locksmith, turbo, battery, AWD, 4X4, trip interruption, Electronics and many more things! The best part of our services is that we also provide our customers with 24 hour roadside assistance so you can drive your car every day and every night without worrying at all!

Models Patriot Warranty proudly protects:

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The Patriot Warranty Guarantee

We here, at Patriot Warranty, make a few simple promises to our customers. We guarantee the highest level of customer service in the industry. We will provide the most competitive pricing and will try our best to beat any price for a similar warranty. We will provide the most comprehensive coverage plans in the industry.

Why Choose us Over the Others?

Patriot Warranty provides the highest rated, most comprehensive coverage available in the Industry. Our auto warranty plans provide more protection for your vehicle and your wallet. Patriot Warranty has been highly rated by independent auto warranty review organizations.

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