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You know what’s been going bonkers nowadays? Virtual tours, that’s what. Virtual experiences in general, everything from virtual 3D rooms, playing sports virtually to attending a virtual opera. We can’t leave the house, but the Internet is still pretty cool and we’re taking advantage like never before.

The auto world is right there with the rest of them, offering not only exceptional deals and ways to buy online, but also experiencing cars in ways that one might not have had the opportunity to do so unless a virtual tour was in play. Take the Petersen Automotive Museum for example. A Los Angeles staple with a rich history, Petersen has announced a series of live-streamed tours of its 60,000-square-foot vault with over 250 cars. Interest is through the roof, where over an hour-long vault tour, folks are guided through a highly interactive journey where questions can be submitted and tour guides answering them post tour. The [...]

Alex Chesterman is not a household name. Not like Bill Gates or LeBron James for that matter. But we would argue Alex Chesterman should be a household name as he has accomplished some impressive feats, namely founding one of the leading virtual car buying experiences we currently count on. Cazoo, Mr. Chesterman’s baby, is a used car buying and selling platform based out of the U.K. Like Vroom or Beepi, Cazoo buys used cars and the re-sells them online. They are delivered to your door and many times not even a handshake between humans has been exchanged.

As of September of last year Cazoo’s valuation was in the $220 million range. Growth has been swift and several analysts feel they might be approaching the mid $300 million mark by now. In a coronavirus world, not having human contact is welcomed, with open (virtual) arms! The spread of the virus has put a deep freeze on [...]

If you haven’t seen the drone coverage of San Francisco on YouTube, we highly recommend it. Watching it, one gets the sense this is what cities look like on holidays, days perhaps like Thanksgiving when we’re all at home. But then it hits you like a ton of bricks – there is nobody in the streets, not a soul. Well, that’s a small lie, there were a couple folks, but not even on Thanksgiving would you see such an absence of humanity out and about. This is eerie for us all, and some in the auto sector feel this is just a harbinger of things to come.

City planners have long been conspiring to wrestle away space from cars and pass it over to pedestrians and cyclists. We’re not going to enter into the merits of this, after all, we’re a car blog, and as such, like cars! The argument for less space is an [...]

The one area of a car that gets talked about infrequently (way too infrequently) are the tires. We take them for granted, tires that is. The reason why is they’re not the most attractive, typically the dirtiest part of your car, and there isn’t much you can do with them. It’s not like your infotainment system for example, or even tinkering on the engine. Tires are well … pieces of rubber that don’t stimulate much thought. But they should, oh they should …

Tires are vital to the performance of our cars. A bad set can not only spell disaster for the overall car as a unit, but they can also result in extreme accidents or worse, death. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration knows a thing or two about this issue, where just three years ago 738 people in the U.S. died from tire-related crashes. That number is likely approaching the 1,000 mark in [...]

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