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In these trying times, everyone is talking about the bug. Unfortunately, it is not the Volkswagen Bug. Covid-19 is spreading quickly, and while we will likely get through this, things aren’t looking good in the short-term. By the time you read this there will have been some considerable changes that aren’t reflected here either. But we’re a car blog so cars we’ll talk, and when General Motors was bit by a six-week strike last fall they likely thought they had seen the worst of it (from an economic point of view). Showrooms took a hit as did independent service shops (where repair parts for cars plummeted due to supply shortages). But fast-forward to today, and with the virus the effect on the auto sector is likely to be worse.

The epicenter, China, has all but shut down their vehicle-manufacturing sector since late January. The production and shipment of Chinese-made auto parts to the U.S. has [...]

Tech advances are supposed to make things easier. For the most part, this is true. Let’s take keyless entry as an example. Back in the day, after purchasing a ride one of the best feelings was receiving the keys. The owner/dealer after having wrapped everything up would come out, pull out of his/her pocket the keys to your new car, dangling in the sunlight, the brand prominently displayed, and hand them over. You grabbed said key, held it up, and proudly proclaimed, “I can’t believe you accepted my offer for 25% off the Blue Book value of this car!” Ha, just kidding, but if you did manage to negotiate 25% off the Blue Book good on you. That’s quite the feat.

But back to the feeling for a second. It’s a fabulous feeling, receiving that key and beginning a new relationship with a new car. Yet, technology has stepped in and keyless entry via a [...]

As nearly every industry can attest to, one of the biggest issues a company faces is not how to attract more clients, nor even how to streamline operations and become more efficient. Rather, it’s how to comply with regulations imposed by governmental bodies. No one in his or her right mind would argue that a lawless society is preferable. We need laws for several things – to keep order, to maintain a transparent playing field, and to not fall into utter chaos. But some regulations are more onerous than others, and the European Union (EU) CO2 emissions policy might just be one (depending on who you ask).

The CO2 policy stipulates carmakers must raise their average fuel efficiency from roughly 57 miles per U.S. gallon (mpg) to 92 mpg by 2030. To provide some context, in 2015 the defined number was 41.9 mpg and in 2025 the figure will rise another 15%, all in route [...]

Your scribe was at a conference lately, the subject of it irrelevant to this post, but a fascinating speaker presented a rather outrageous handful of statistics that had the room absolutely buzzing. First up – crime in most cities today is down, as compared to the 1980s and 1990s when many U.S. cities experienced massive crime waves. Yet, according to wide surveys, more parents today would not let their children walk to the end of the block at age 9 as compared to parents of children in the 80s and 90s. Rather odd, crime is lower today but parents are more apprehensive.

Here’s another one. Roughly 72% of teenagers reported obtaining their driver’s license within a month of turning the legal age to do so in their respective state during the 1980s and 1990s. If you were a teenager during those decades you know how important a driver’s license was. Fast-forward to now, and only [...]

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