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In Part I we detailed some real sore spots, but if you think those were sad, get the Kleenex ready because here are some losers that truly take the gold medal.

Ford Pinto

For those over 40, we remember this ride. The constant barrage of insults hurled at the Pinto were legendary. The car, for all its practicality (rear storage was exceptional to say the least), would sadly burst into flames during rear-end collisions. A side note – bursting into anything while driving is frowned upon. And if you’re spending your hard-earned money, what is expected in return is a vehicle that will get you from A to B safely, as well as transport your newborn home from the hospital. Flames should never factor into the equation.

MGA Twin Cam

You might think we’re getting into the weeds a bit with this one, but the MGA was a hot number back in the day. First [...]

TIME Magazine is by far one of the most respected journalistic outlets the U.S. has ever known. Over the years, TIME has broken stories related to politics, the economy, pop culture and more. However, a piece by Dan Neil, a Pulitzer Prize-winning auto critic on the 50 worst cars of all time was unique. Mr. Neil took a critical look at models as old as the Horsey Horseless (1899) up to the present, detailing some of the worst models that have come to market. In this 2 Part series we will give you a taste of Neil’s “winners” (absolute losers).

Jaguar X-Type

The origins of the X-Type were quite simple – Jaguar was being pressed by BMW and Mercedes and needed something to compete with the 3-Series and C-class, respectively. The company was owned by Ford, and the Mondeo was a highly successful vehicle platform that Americans knew through the Ford Contour model. Jaguar’s goal [...]

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