For those of us over 40, James Bond was one of the smoothest characters on the big screen when we were young. The guy had it all – the looks, the moves, the pizzazz, the intelligence, the gadgets, and the best yet, the car. Over the years Bond could be seen in everything from a Jaguar CX-75 to an Aston Martin DBS, a Mercedes-Benz 600 or the classic Rolls-Royce Phantom III. His cars were his calling card, and there were millions worldwide who would have given their first-born to be Bond for a day.

So if this was the case, and all Bond cars were cutting-edge, cool and slick, why are the cars of the future looking more and more boxy, and less and less sexy? The eBussy, otherwise known as electric bus system, is a German electric car brand. It’s been praised the next big thing in electric vehicles (EVs), but [...]

Like we saw in the IQS study, mass-market brand cars are narrowing the gap here as well, with owners highly satisfied with mass-market cars and only 23-points between those of luxury market models. This is the narrowest this gap has even been in the 25 years APEAL has been taking place.

As we mentioned earlier, Dodge was part of the IQS cohort that scored above average, and it was also the top-ranked mass-market brand in the APEAL study as well. This makes Dodge the first American brand to rank in the upper echelon of both the IQS and APEAL in the same year. Hyundai achieved that feat in previous years (within the mass market segment), and Porsche, Lexus and Genesis accomplished the same in the luxury segment.

But without a doubt, the oddest result from both of these studies in 2020 belonged to Tesla. The electric manufacturer scored extremely low [...]

If you’re reading this blog we don’t need to convince you as to how renowned J.D. Power is in the auto world. They are persuasive, and when J.D. talks, most auto pundits listen. The company puts out a range of studies each year, and the first of the two studies we’re going to discuss in this two-part series is the Initial Quality Study (IQS) study. Considered by many to be the benchmark for new-vehicle quality, the IQS is going on its 34th year and looks at problems that owners face over the first 3 months (90 days) of owning a new car. The results are tabulated from the responses of 87,282 purchasers as well as lessees of new, 2020 vehicles. They were surveyed as soon as the first 90 days had expired and the results, as always, are revealing.

I’ll start off immediately by giving you the spoiler: Yes, there is a difference.

Now I’ll spoil the spoiler by saying: Even so… it doesn’t matter.

Let me explain.

If you’ve been driving across town to the “nice” gas station because you’re afraid of what the cheaper product might do to your car, there is no need to continue.

Generic gas is essentially the same as the name-brand gases like Chevron and Mobil.

Each company receives it’s gas from the same supply lines. This means that there is absolutely no difference in the gas as it gets pumped into those trucks. The only difference between the products is that name-brand stations may put extra engine-cleaning additives in their gas. And typically this is as small as one gallon of additive per tanker.

What does that mean? It means you can feel very comfortable knowing that generic gas won’t harm your engine, and expensive gas won’t [...]

Overly short or overly tall, this post is for you

You could feel the excitement, palpitating hearts when this topic finally arrived. Hard to imagine that we haven’t broached the subject before as being extremely tall or extremely short brings with it a series of advantages and disadvantages. For example, getting into the crawl-space under your home to fix something is a snap for someone in the five-foot range. But Shaquille O’Neil would have some issues here. However, if you wanted ripe avocados from your backyard tree to make guacamole dip and didn’t have something to pick them with, being six-foot-eight would be lovely, right?

In the auto world, people don’t normally think of cars being geared at short or tall people. After all, both have money, so if you’re a manufacturer the last thing you’d want to do is price out a segment of the population. But with that said, Consumer Reports embarked [...]

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