It was a complicated time in the world. The year was 1909, and political tensions were brewing in Europe, especially. The US was geographically isolated, but would later be drawn in. Yet, this didn’t stop a handful of car fanatics from developing what now is perhaps the most famous speedway in the world – the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The initial thoughts for the speedway were it would serve as a testing facility for the burgeoning auto industry in Indiana. The space was certainly available – 328 acres of farmland. In fact, there likely wasn’t a cheaper, or more adequate spot for a speedway anywhere in the country. The Speedway founders envisioned a race track where manufacturers could pit their cars against each other, and spectators could both enjoy the races, but also judge how said cars held up against each other.

The first couple of years were slow, but by [...]

Another threat to Hertz (that Enterprise and Avis were able to thwart, so far) was the looming ascension of ride sharing. Lyft and Uber have successfully poached the Hertz market, and Enterprise and Avis moved much quicker in refreshing their fleets and upgrading technology to combat this. To give you an idea of how fast this fall from grace has happened, in 2014, Hertz was valued at roughly $14 billion. Some analysts have that number as high as $17 billion. This was twice Avis’s valuation. Last year, Hertz plummeted to a $2 billion valuation, and COVID-19 has literally been a foot on their neck, leaving Hertz gasping for air.

The company has understandably cycled through several CEOs over the last decade – four to be exact. One of the more prominent was Kathryn Marinello, a savvy businesswoman who had a nice run of 3 years but famously clashed with the Board over her corporate strategy. [...]

There’s a lot of companies in bad shape right now. It’s been a brutal couple of months, and while things are looking up in some parts of the country, for most of the US, it’s still a nasty economic environment.

Hertz Rent-A-Car was founded over 100 years ago. Within its first five years, the company boomed and had expanded to a fleet of 600 cars and annual revenues north of $1 million. Hertz continued to grow to eventually become a global firm with a presence in over 45 countries worldwide.

Hertz had a remarkable heyday, but that has unfortunately come to a halt. The Rent-A-Car firm has officially filed for bankruptcy protection, joining a host of other iconic retailers such as Neiman Marcus Group Inc. and J.C. Penney Co. Most of these initial bankruptcies were companies that were already in hot water before the pandemic. Hertz had borrowed roughly $18 [...]

The Endurance is expected to hit zero to 60 mph in roughly 5.5 seconds. Getting back to the mud comment for a second, the reason why it can effectively free itself quicker is because there are computers built into each wheel. The software is designed to maximize the performance of each wheel according to the specific conditions that said wheel finds itself in. So instead of the entire car fighting the mud, you’ve got four different battles occurring, which, according to Burns, gives the Endurance a massive competitive advantage over traditionally made competitors.

The Endurance will likely be priced at $52,500, but if the $7,500 rebate is still available, that’s a nice savings. Compare this with the base price of a F-150 at $28,500 and the Endurance has an uphill challenge. Burns and company counter that EVs have no gasoline costs, and maintenance over the longer-term is cheaper as there are no [...]

The best-selling truck of all-time is the Ford F-150. We’ve written on its impressive record before. There are few automobiles, much less anything really, that has dominated a consumer segment as strongly as the F-150. People absolutely love this truck, and now that driver interest is focusing away from sedans and concentrated more so on SUVs and trucks, the F-150, Ram or Silverado must be in “hog heaven.” Side note, “hog heaven,” is a filthy pig sty with an abundant amount of slop to feed on. When one is in “hog heaven,” it means there is an abundance of whatever that person, or in this case, a car company, covets. We love the saying but felt the need to explain it further. Back to the trucks!

While Ford and General Motors are firmly entrenched as truck royalty in this segment, there is another player that might just have a shot at eventually [...]

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