Here I come again with yet another old model but classic model of the Buick a successor of the Century. Regal was as majestic as its name and appeared on Buick products as a mid-sized vehicle and was introduced as personal luxury car for public. The Regal initially shared a platform and exterior like Century. However, the most distinctive characteristic was five passengers seating instead of 6. It was available as coupe and sedan but later when the market for coupe declined Regal became sedan-only. Regal was although had a similar power-terrain Century but it gained more popularity and market position. It was offered in LS and GS trims from 1998 to 2004.

The first generation is the also the first successful lower priced personal luxury car that was brought to the market by Buick. It was produced in [...]

Mercedes Benz is one of the most famous automobile brands. Beginning its journey in 1926, Mercedes Benz became a successful seller of the most premium vehicles and was able to sell almost 2.31 million cars by the end of 2018. This was a record set by Mercedes and it became the largest seller of vehicles in the world at that time.

The Mercedes CL Class is a part of this journey. The CL class appeared in 1992 and the company produced it till the year 2014. You must be wondering what CL stands for? CL is basically a short form of Coupe Leicht which is also known as Coupe Luxusklasse. Leicht means Light and Luxusklasse means Luxury. This name was given to the German luxury grand tourer back in 1926.

Mercedes CL Class was [...]

Mercedes CLK Class design was initially extracted from one of its models named the E- Class model. It is an old series of entry level or mid size convertibles which was produced by the company between the era of 1970 till 2010. Yet again, this was another highly successful model produced by Mercedes Benz. When it comes to competition, it was never at a loss. It had major competitors like the Audi A4 Cabriolet and BMW 3 series coupé.

Its production was basically done in 2 parts. Through 1997 till 1998 by Daimler Benz, then after that till 2007 by Daimler Chrysler and for the next and last two to three years by Daimler AG.
It was ranged under the class of compact executive car. More over, it was extremely famous and loved for its incredible design especially the 2 convertible doors were a hit back at it’s time. It had an extravagant feel [...]

The famous Italian sports car manufacturer, Ferrari, introduced the Ferrari 360 two decades ago in 1999. This awesome sports car soon gained popularity all across the globe and was at the time one of the most famous cars of the world. The stylish body, attractive colors and extraordinary features make this car very special.

Ferrari 360 is basically a two seater sports car that has a mid-engine and a rear wheel drive. The production began in 1999 when Ferrari first launched its 360 series. A total of 8800 Modena units were produced from 1999-2004. Along with Modena, Ferrari also produced 7565 units of Ferrari Spider and 1288 units of Stradale.

All Ferrari cars were assembled in a town known as Maranello. It is also known as the home of Ferrari. The design of these cars was prepared by Pininfarina, an [...]

We all know the name Ferrari as it is one of the leading automobile brands. There would be hardly anyone in this world who had not heard this thrilling name. It’s model 456M was basically introduced in the year 1998. For those of you who do not know, M stands for Modificata. It had many changes in order to improve the aerodynamics as well as its interior and the cooling. The interior was revived by adding new seats and some other improvements were also made for customer ease such as cutting down on the number of gauges on the dash and a latest Becker stereo which was modified in a way that the location was changed from behind to th3 front where it was fitted for better results.
The difference between the 456 and 456M was that 456 had a grille small in size which had fog lights located outside the grille. Whereas in [...]

LX 470 is sold by the Lexus brand and it is a full size luxury SUV. As we all already know that Lexus is a luxury segment by the company Toyota. LX 450’s successor was basically the Lexus LX 470 which was manufactured till the year 2007 and was launched back in 1998. Before we move further with it, let’s clear what LX means for those of you who might not know it. LX stands for Luxury Crossover. It is known to be one of the greatest models of the SUV range. It featured a V8 engine in the year it was introduced with 230 horsepower and that is totally amazing.
Let’s talk a little more about how powerful the Lexus LX470 is. It was able to tow huge weights and it was recorded to tow around 6500 pounds and that’s remarkable. Furthermore, the SUV holds 8 occupants and 3rd row jump seats. It [...]

You must have heard about the GM’s one of the oldest brands Buick and it is actually the oldest brand of US. It is a division of the GM which is an American automobile manufacturer. Buick is among the first automotive brand of the America and is the pioneer of equipping the cars with the overhead valve engines. It has been marketed as the premium brand and its luxury cars are positioned above the mainstream brand of the GM but it is a step behind the flagship luxury brand Cadillac. In 2017, the company sold the record vehicles worldwide. Buick is sold successfully in Asia, US, Canada and Mexico.

Buick Century:

Here, in this article we will discuss the Century a successful and well known model produced by Buick and it actually dates back as far as 1936. Century [...]

We have discussed Lamborghini Diablo in our previous post and in this article its successor Lamborghini Murcielago is our focus. Murci is a super sports car and flagship of Lamborghini’s line up. It was introduced as a coupe in 2001 and was produced after 11 years of Diablo. Murci attained the attention of the car enthusiast worldwide because it was a master piece with sleek design and angular design, dramatic scissor doors and high performance. The V12 engine made the car accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 3.8 seconds. The first generation Murcielago was no doubt a great success and public loved it.


The engine of first generation was 6.2 Liter V12 which generated 572 hp and a 5000 rmp torque. It was upgraded in later models by 6.5 Liters making the speed accelerated to 631 hp.

Murcielago [...]

Automobili Lamborghini is an Italian automaker of the luxury SUVs and sports cars and was founded in 1963. The parent company of Lamborghini is Audi which owned this company through Volkswagen. This brand was produced to compete with the established marques of that time including Ferrari. The company achieved its strong position in market in short span of time and in 1966 Miura a sports coupe was established as high performance car and Lamborghini grew rapidly. In 1973 the company faced low sale volumes because of the great depression and its ownership changed three times after that. In 1987 the Chrysler Corporation took control of the company and it was sold to an investment group of Malaysia and later in 1994 V power and Mycom Setdco an Indonesian group purchased it. In 1998 Volkswagen placed it under Audi’s control after buying it from former party.

Lamborghini’s brand grew and achieved high productivity however, 2008 was [...]

Lexus GS is an executive car and is around the industry from 1991. It is a finest midsized sedan which has been ruling the market for more than two decades. The acronym of GS stands for Grand Sedan. The interior of the car is very spacious and comfortable and its output is just great with heavy dose of performance. Being reliable is the most valued trait of this car and this car definitely deserves serious consideration from buyers.


The first model was produced by the Toyota Japan in 1991 and it was sold in local automotive market until 1993 with the name of Aristo. Lexus GS was launched in US and Europe in 1993 and second generation hit the grounds in 1997 with v8 version. In 2005, the third generation model was released. It came with more aggressive [...]

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