We have the most luxury cars here and they have all the features with whistles and bells but there are customers who still look out for the muscles cars and classic cars. Why is that? There is something about the retro spirit of these vintage cars that taps into the Americans choice like nothing else. How do I now?  The car enthusiast in the US is showing appreciation for the classic cars and according to a research 45 million users looked for classic cars online. Also, the information was extracted from the 500 classic car dealers on internet. So, here without any further ado most sought after cars in US are as follows:

1. Chevrolet Camaro 1968:

The production model of this car is similar to the 1967 and introduced the Astro Ventilation but with a slightly different style. The SS and Z28 are outfitted with souped-up engines.

2. 1969 Ford Mustang Mach [...]

We know that automobile industry is continuously evolving and there are new trends investments in R&D.  The demands of the consumers have changed worldwide with respect to the motor vehicle buying behavior. The most upcoming trend in automotive industry is of AV’s (autonomous vehicles i.e. driverless robotic-cars) but according to a study more than 50% of the consumers find AV’s unsafe and unrealistic.

Let me explain, the consumers have more choice than ever before about mobility. They have a wide range of options before they buy or lease a car. These more choices lead to more new decisions. This leads to an array of choices for them to make a decision that how they are supposed to get around and connect while travelling. They feel safe when they have a hold and control on the vehicle they are driving. Whereas, AVs would lack this connectivity as it will have limited control and will be [...]

The history of OPEC is long and mysterious. Geneva, Switzerland was the first chosen destination for OPEC headquarters, and the group in fact resided there initially. But Swiss politics got in the way and OPEC was politely asked to move, at which point Vienna was chosen due to the existence of several other international organizations in Austria. Vienna is well organized, has great diplomatic services, a well-functioning airport, an excellent quality of life, international schools, the works. OPEC members agreed and they haven’t budged since.

Twice-a-year OPEC hosts its “twice-a-year” meeting. Yet, what occurs in said meeting is

shrouded in privacy. Likely one of the most least transparent, opaque organizations on the planet, over 200 journalists show up twice-a-yea, eagerly awaiting sound bites, anything that will hopefully serve to communicate what the oil market will look like over the coming months. This of course can have a direct effect on gas prices. Colloquially known [...]

OPEC, short for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, was founded in 1960 in Baghdad by 5 of the current 14 member states. OPEC matters because the organization wields significant influence on oil prices. For example, if member countries were unhappy with the current market price for oil it might be in their best interest to cut the supply causing prices to rise. What saves us as consumers, somewhat, is cutting supply equates to less revenue for a member country, so massive cuts are infrequent, but still a “card” OPEC plays.

In a perfect world, what OPEC member countries want are oil prices to rise in conjunction with revenues. This is a delicate balance, but at the end of the day supply and demand determines the price equilibrium despite the fact OPEC announcements can indeed stimulate short-term effects in the price at the pump. Up until the mid-20th century, the U.S. was the de facto [...]

Finding yourself in London is a great thing. After all, who wouldn’t want to find themselves in one of the world’s truly great cities? Yet, “finding oneself” in London is technically not possible, unless of course someone put you on a plane blindfolded and whisked you to an unknown destination. Upon landing, the blindfold was removed and viola … London! But that happens every … err, never. So, while we would never find ourselves in London, we would plan a trip to London, and if you’re a bonafide car nut, boy do we have a must-see for you.

London’s acclaimed Victoria and Albert Museum is hosting an exhibition on the history of the automobile. The reviews are in, and “Cars, accelerating the modern world” is an absolute showstopper. Combining design and functionality, the exhibit seeks to present the automobile’s effect on society through larger themes. For example, there is the “going fast” theme where we reflect on [...]

We’re friends by now, even on a first name basis. Perhaps not, as we don’t know your name nor have we revealed ours. But loyal readers should feel like they know us, our tone, sense of humor, like a trusted companion guiding you through a life chalk full of intelligently written, witty diatribes on all things car related. We couldn’t have written it better ourselves! So, with that said, let’s agree on something – traditional auto heads are traditional auto heads, and electric/hydrogen auto heads are electric/hydrogen auto heads. Similar tastes, but not the same head.

The traditional auto head is old school by nature – a tinkerer, loves the inner-workings, speed, styling, etc of a car. New auto heads tend to gravitate towards electric vehicles (EVs) or other alternative fuel sources. They still might love all the things old school heads love, but they’re generally more focused on the tech side and less the [...]

By the time you’re reading this you’ve likely seen the video of Elon Musk and his Tesla colleague launching a steel ball at a futuristic pickup truck, smashing its window at the L.A. Auto Show. While many pundits initially lambasted Musk for this epic failure, weeks later public relations experts have another take. The L.A. Auto Show was once one of the leading auto shows, but has taken a back seat to others in recent years. It is unclear whether Musk and company planned this or indeed if it was a misstep by Tesla. Fans were waiting for Musk to unveil the long-awaited Cybertruck , something he had promised for years. And while the actual truck has a distinct appearance, the sight of large objects shattering windows of an expensive show car proved to be a win-win in terms of YouTube views. This is what insiders refer to as “earned media,” and Musk certainly earned [...]

So here we are yet again with a new topic about the automobiles and stick with me here now because some interesting facts are going to satiate your thirst of information. Motor vehicles are the most commonly used products of the daily life yet it requires complex technologies and designs to develop. The most prominent and largest automobile industry with respect to innovations and technology intervention is Japan’s.

Let me tell you how, Japan is home to the big names in the automaker industry that include Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Subaru. There is no doubt in it that Japanese have invested huge amounts in R& D and improved the manufacturing processes. The engineers know how to stay ahead of the competition by developing new designs and incorporating advanced technologies to attract the market. Let me break this down to clarify this.

Extended Auto Warranty

The automakers around the world are [...]

In part I a few new supercars that are most likely to be launched in 2020 are discussed. Everybody loves the smell and sound of new cars and excitement is at its peak if it the much awaited one and comes with added and improved features. Here are some more:

Pininfarina Electric Hyper car:

This will be an all-electric hyper car that would be launched in 2020 by the Italian design house and only limited units will be produced strictly. The information given about the car’s features in a report reveals that the total output of the car will be 1,479 hp that would rival the Bugatti Chiron. The company has used sophisticated design and innovative technology to make it a master piece that is unique and will set new boundaries in the history of super sports cars.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500:

Although, this car is not “thin’’ but it has taken the original “pony [...]


The automotive industry of the world is not shaped by the traffic load, too many cars, air pollution, few parking space, and lousy driving but it has an indirect impact on the industry as this all leads the companies to find new ways to cope up with these challenges. As, this also impacts the feedback of the consumers of automotive industry in anticipation of the response of vehicle manufacturers.

 In this blog, some of the future trends of the automotive industry are discussed that how the big players can manage the global economic challenge and keep pace with the new demands of the consumers and to overcome the changing demands of the industry. 

Technology Digitization:

The digitization of the technology will have a great impact on the automotive industry. Although, this industry mostly deals with the mechanical details but digitization is disrupting the technology used in automation of the processes. Like the use [...]

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