If you have ever wanted to shop for a mid-sized seven seats SUV crossover, it is for sure that you might have heard about or checked GMC Acadia too. You may already know that it is a famous model and has its own class since its release in 2007.  Acadia is set apart from its competitors on many grounds because it is upscale and focuses a niche of business class. Despite being a desirable choice between a minivan and SUV of mid-sized GMC Acadia has some issues which have hurt its sales and also dented its shine.  The good news is that GMC extended car warranty has become a hope for Acadia owners to keep it running on roads despite all the issues.

In this article we will take a look at the issues that Acadia faced through the years. I believe it is quite challenging to sell a car having issues as it not [...]

Today, the article will focus on the GMC’s legend and the most successful vehicle since its launch “Sierra”. The Sierra is a pick truck that was first introduced in 1962 in the automotive markets and was produced until 1999. The production was halted for a brief time period and was reintroduced in 2003 to the markets with more powerful engine, improved features and design. Initially, the Sierra 1500 offered four trim levels that included Sierra, High Sierra, Sierra Grande, and Sierra Classic. Today’s pickup truck Sierra is light duty, stylish and powerful which also available in hybrid version. The Sierra received various awards since it entered the market and one of the best awards is 2014 5-star for overall vehicle safety high score from NHTSA. It also received initial quality award for light duty pick up in 2013. Sierra was a hit because its design was entirely different from the cars and is still the [...]

Today’s article features the GMC Extended Auto Warranty- GMC Yukon 2019 model. We will discuss how Yukon fights the battle of competition in the automotive industry with its sibling Chevy Tahoe. So let’s start with a brief introduction of company and the vehicle first. 

GMC Yukon is the product of the General Motors Company which is a division of the General Motors an American Automobile Manufacturer. The division traces its history to 1902 when it was founded. GMC focuses on manufacturing commercial trucks, pickups, buses, van, military and utility sports vehicles.  All these vehicles are marketed by GM around the world. 

GM Yukon which is now a full-sized sports utility vehicle appeared in 1993 as a two-door vehicle. It was repositioned in market in 1995 with four-door all-wheel drive. Later, in 1998 GMC offered a v-8 5.7 liter engine in Yukon which was capable of producing 255 hp with 210 pounds of torque. Two trim [...]

Extended Warranty & Preventive Measures 

Driving in snow or during snow fall is full of adventure and super exciting but that can turn into a disaster if you are not fully prepared. Imagine, going on a drive in snow season, enjoying the magical views that seem to have come straight out of Frozen movie but suddenly your car goes down. That doesn’t sound good. In this article we will talk about extended warranty and other major safety steps you can take so keep on reading.

extended warrantyextended warranty What can go wrong?

It is not always random drives but important ones as well. Going to a store, office or dropping kids off to school; anything can come up but you should be a pro enough to handle it whether there is thick or thin snow out there.
Most common mistake people do is hitting [...]

Chevrolet Extended Car Warranty of Tahoe

Chevrolet started the production of Tahoe in 1995 which is still on going. The car is absolutely a delight and to keep it secure Chevrolet extended car warranty is a super advantageous idea. In this article, we will talk about that along with some background, introduction and some more interesting aspects of the incredible Tahoe.

Dig in the Past

Let’s quickly bring on surface the history and background of this vehicle. Along with Tahoe, the GMC Yukon was also being produced but that was started way before it. To be exact, the production for Yukon started in 1991. Right after 4 years, Chevrolet surprised the market with the remarkable Tahoe models.

Chevrolet Extended Car WarrantyChevrolet Extended Car Warranty Chevrolet Tahoe Introduction

Tahoe is known to be a full size SUV. General Motors (GMC) along [...]

Extended Auto Warranty & More Tips

Getting a car of your own is exciting, an achievement getting unlocked but that also ties you up with permanent responsibility to take care of car and that is the real achievement. Extended auto warranty is a very safe place to turn to. For people who have reliable branded cars and especially for those who have unreliable brands, this is the best deal making opportunity. Moreover, it really helps the car owners in lessening their financial burden as it covers many costs that are associated to different repairs. Once the manufacturer warranty expires, the car is absolutely open to damage that will be cut out from your pocket so make sure you get the extended auto warranty to stay secure in times of needs. It is highly possible to end up into such a situation. Therefore, why not plan ahead to keep your budgets in control.

Chevrolet Camaro is one of the oldest and most popular cars manufactured by the company. It has been a great success since the last few decades and the car has set higher quality standards for its competitors. Before we talk more about this amazing beauty, let’s first shed some light on the importance of having a Chevrolet Extended auto warranty for Camaro. 

Chevrolet Extended Auto WarrantyChevrolet Extended Auto Warranty Chevrolet Extended Auto Warranty – Why is it important?

Chevrolet provides its very own manufacturer warranty to handle maintenance and repair issues but the problem is, a standard manufacturer warranty lasts for just a few years. Usually, during those few years, a car won’t face any serious issues as it’s new. However, buying a Chevrolet Extended Auto Warranty can take care of everything on behalf of the owner. With a Chevrolet Extended auto warranty, [...]

Chevrolet is one of the most trusted brands famous for manufacturing conversion vans. The company focuses on providing quality along with a luxurious experience and comfortable journeys. A typical Chevrolet van comes with a complete entertainment package which includes a music system, builtin navigation, android LCD etc. A very popular van manufactured by Chevrolet is known as Chevrolet Express. The car itself is an all in one solution for consumers and it is recommended that you buy a Chevrolet Extended Warranty if you own a Chevrolet Express. 

chevrolet extended warrantychevrolet extended warranty Chevrolet Extended Warranty – Is it worth it?

The Chevrolet Express comes with its own manufacturer warranty but that is just valid for a limited time period. After a few years, the manufacturer warranty gets expired and your Chevrolet Express is exposed to all kinds of threats. Without a Chevrolet Extended [...]

Earlier this year at the Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Mercedes unveiled an AVTR concept car and proclaimed a revolutionary battery underpinned the car, developed with “graphene-based organic cell chemistry” that is free of any rare metal found on Earth. It is also, according to Mercedes, compostable and recyclable, something no standard battery can claim. While this development would be extremely beneficial to the environment for one, IBM also alluded to the process of making said battery cheaper, principally because it does not need precious metals. And to throw some icing on the cake, the prototype battery can reach 80 percent capacity in just 5 minutes, faster than current batteries on the market today.

mercedes extended car warrantymercedes extended car warranty

On the features side, the power density of the IBM battery is reported to be 10,000-watts per liter which is [...]

These days there are two topics that literally do not disappear from the auto discussion. One of them are SUVs (and their shear dominance) and the other are electric vehicles (EVs). We swear, we’ll get there with EVs as we know how you’re feeling. It’s like we’ve been banging on this EV thing for years now, promising the arrival of an all-electric future, free of petrol and nasty contaminants. But alas, EVs are still a tough proposition as there are several roadblocks that are hindering their uptake.

extended warrantyextended warranty

One of those roadblocks of course are batteries. But batteries in themselves are not the entire story. We know we need them to work longer and charge faster, but we also need them to be cleaner. After all, if driving an EV results in the same negative carbon footprint that a petrol [...]

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