As a new cars enthusiastic people are always excited about the soon to launch cars and they love to speculate on features, price and even the tiniest detail about the upcoming cars. Here, is a little insight about the future super cars storms the automobile industry will be launching in the next three years. These cars will be extremely exotic and come with the best of features with an impressive and unconventional idea and only time will tell whether they will be successful or not. There is an assortment of the brand new cars that are fully redesigned with concept supporting advance features because future customers will prefer small and thin cars over Ford Taurus and Chevrolet Impala. There is a list of the cars that are hitting the roads in 2020 for those who are fed up of or averse of buying SUV’s, sedan or coupe. Although the new models of these cars are [...]

In Part I we detailed three winners. Want some more?

Cadillac CT6

For the most part, a flop. And that’s not solely us saying it. Ask Cadillac themselves and they’ll tell you – this car flopped. Sales have been paltry at best since the launch of the flagship CT6 sedan. Granted, most folks are not into sedans these days, but this one has generated next to no interest and that’s been a problem for Cadillac management. Despite a harsh couple of sentences though, this is a nice ride!

The interior is gorgeous, lightweight, features a notable investment in first-class materials coupled with cool features like 20-way adjustable front seats. In summary, the CT6 is an excellent, comfortable option, languishing in a segment (sedans) that people aren’t buying. But if you’re buying them, then who cares what the others think, right?

Toyota Avalon

The Avalon received a lot of attention due to its looks. It [...]

In a parallel post we talked reliability and resale value. A definite must, and for some the most important metric when deciding whether to invest in a new car. But for others, comfortability is right up there, if not even superseding reliability. We generally see this with drivers who are naturally in their cars for extended periods of time per day. While we don’t wish this on anyone (nobody enjoys driving in traffic), there are people who indeed love to drive, and what’s better than being in a car with plush seats, first-class ergonomics and the feeling of being in a aircraft cabin somewhere in the Orient.

There isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t enjoy all this, and because of this, we have a two-part series that is going to knock your socks off.

Chrysler 300

A classic “grandfather” brand, this isn’t to say Chryslers should not be owned unless you [...]

There are a host of things to consider when purchasing a new ride. For example, if you’re going to be in said car for 2 hours a day, that puppy better be kind on the backside. Nothing worse than sitting on a board in bumper-to-bumper traffic. How about the infotainment center? Yep, going to want that to be above average, and fuel efficiency, enough said. Nobody wants to be filling up every 5 days shelling out $120. That sounds like a rotten plan, but one many get trapped into principally because they haven’t done their due diligence.

Away from your personal comfort however is also choosing a car that will retain its value. Depreciation is a killer, we all recognize this. And it is impossible to curb or even control at that. But there are cars that do depreciate less than others, and for 2020 we’re going to jump into an exhaustive list, providing [...]

Ford was famous for quoting, “you can have your Model T in any color you want, so long as it’s black.” In the beginning, any changes to a production line equated to increased costs. A Model T is a Model T, all the same guts, etc. This is true today – an Accord is an Accord, a 350i is a 350i and a Hummer is a Hummer. But there are differences, and the principal one is the paint job. In the early days, multiple paint options increased costs, and while Ford of course adapted over time, the idea wasn’t to vary too much from 2 or 3 standard colors.

Today car companies need to offer variety in order to compete for customer dollars. And they do this in an agile way with platform sharing. This manner of collaborative sharing allows a Chevy Tahoe and a Chevy Silverado to look alike, share many similar parts, but [...]

We have all heard how much Henry Ford revolutionized the auto-manufacturing sector. And it is true, the guy flipped the switch with a lean production line and auto sales exploded. For those of us who don’t work on a production line however, the notion might seem rather simple. Everyone is assigned a station, with specific roles, doing said role repetitively thus playing a small part in the bigger objective of manufacturing an automobile.

Production or assembly lines like the one we just described can be seen in movies such as “Modern Times” with Charlie Chaplain or iconic scenes from T.V. shows like “I Love Lucy.” Cars became much more accessible because production lines drove costs down (via increased supply), and this in turn also employed hundreds of thousands of people. In fact, the American middle class grew rapidly thanks to the auto industry, where in some cases entire towns or neighborhoods were employed at the [...]

Who doesn’t love that new car smell? Untouched leather, impeccable plastic finishing, controls that are visually pleasing and always work. These are just a handful of things people love and why so many buy new cars every year. However, there is also a love for vintage cars out there. Google a 1960 Jaguar E-Type, for example, or a 1964 Chevy Corvette – gorgeous rides that hold up no matter the year or decade, the present included.

But what if we told you having your cake, and eating it too was indeed possible. You’d call us a baking team with an unlimited budget. Well, we don’t bake, and the budget is limited, that’s for sure. But there are some folks out there who are dedicating themselves to outfitting vintage rides with 21st century bells and whistles. A cake you can eat!


restomod is a growing category of older cars retrofitted to be driven in 2019. Gateway Bronco [...]

The end of the year is upon. Hard to believe, after Thanksgiving hits, look out. December sneaks up fast and for many of us this is a month for planning, celebration, but also getting a great deal on an auto lease before 2020. Leasing and buying are obviously two very different things. Yet, both also hold a range of similarities. We have written previously on the pros and cons of leasing compared to buying, so we’ll spare you that tirade. However, if you’ve already got your heart and mind set on leasing, then read on because there are some can’t miss tips that follow.

Effective scouting

The first thing to do is tap into your inner scout. You know, that sleuth you always wanted to be, the detective career you fancied but never had the guts to follow through with. Everyone enjoys scouting, and if you’re going to lease, this quality needs to be front [...]

Some might feel the argument for the superior, alternative energy source is a done deal. Investments in lithium ion have been on fire over the last decade, bringing suppliers and producers together, transporting folks and creating businesses where natural lithium deposits have sat idle for years in the deserts of Chile and other places. This is big, big business as the electric vehicle (EV) push has convinced the world that getting off oil is a good thing, and if we ban together, we’ll make it happen.

Well, this indeed has occurred, but hydrogen fuel-cells are like that plucky underdog, nipping at the heels of big brother, not content in fading into the background and steadfast in having a seat at the adult table. Hydrogen or lithium, hydrogen or lithium. Let’s be clear, there is no argument. Lithium investments (excluding the charging infrastructure) number in the $600 billion range while hydrogen is in the $30 [...]

Distinct from robotic automation, AI performs computerized, high-volume, frequent tasks without fatigue, and best yet, reliably. Like Siri for Apple, AI is not an individual application, rather a product to make Siri increasingly smarter over time. AI expertly adapts via progressive learning algorithms and finds structure and regularities in data so that the algorithm can acquire a skill. This could be playing chess or driving.

While companies like Alphabet and others have been busy testing their AI driven systems, the National Transportation Safety Board has also been hard at work, namely digging into the causes of a now infamous, deadly Uber crash and communicating shortly ago that their investigation revealed the car’s automated intelligence system was unable to distinguish between a person, a car or a bicycle. Moreover, it was also not programmed to know that we as humans are pedestrians by nature, and as such might jaywalk from time to time.

Self-driving vehicles [...]
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