Finishing up the news on the VW ID.3, the car in a way mimics the Beetle, the iconic VW that was discontinued to the chagrin of a loyal few. One look at the car from the front and you can make out the subtle smiling grin in the grille. Plus, when the headlights turn on they are rumored to flutter. Nice touch! The first ID.3’s will be delivered come the spring in Europe.

Next up at the show was Bentley’s announcement that 12 copies of its 1929 “Blower” will soon be on the market. The Blower was a big hit at the show, as there has always been little supply, which has kept folks feasting for this car. The cars were built by the Mulliner customization division (a Bentley division), and the 12 copies will be specially turbocharged, a drastic change from the 1929 technology. Sir Tim Birkin was known as an original “Bentley Boy” [...]

The Frankfurt Auto Show (or locally known, in Germany that is) as the International Motor Show Germany is a hotly awaited event, principally because it is the world’s largest show. This is a big feat, being the largest auto show. Auto shows are everywhere so to be able to top them all by being the largest and most expansive, that’s a rare treat. Germany as we well know is an auto giant, and both local and international brands are always keen to unveil concepts, new models, wacky designs and everything in between in Frankfurt every year.

Insane Numbers

To give you an idea of the size, in 2017 there were 994 separate exhibitors that attracted a whopping 810,400 people. Insane numbers, and this year thus far the show has certainly not disappointed. One of the first newsworthy items was Volkswagen revealing a new logo. In the auto world new logos don’t normally pop up. Brands [...]

We’ve written on the Taycan before. But that was in prototype mode. Everyone knew Porsche would eventually come around with an electric option, but one thing is to unveil a prototype, and quite another to bring said idea to market.

The Taycan was introduced earlier this week in two high-performance versions. You have an exciting choice of either the 670 horsepower Turbo, or the 751 horsepower Turbo S. Honestly, 751 horsepower is ridiculous. If you told this writer he could get his hands on 600 horsepower his wife would be thrilled because a steak dinner at her favorite mid-range restaurant would await. And perhaps even a glass of red as well!

Just kidding, steak dinners are available on a regular basis at restaurants that at times will surpass the mid-range. But the extra wine, that’s another story. Ok, back to the Taycan, especially because critics have been dubious of the word “turbo” in the [...]

In the autonomous driving world, John Rich’s name is well respected. Operations Chief of Ford Autonomous Vehicles, Rich is a go-to source for all things self-driving related. The guy is a memory bank for what’s worked in the past, has potential, and is downright failing when it comes to autonomous vehicles. So when a report came out a couple weeks back that Rich predicts self-driving cars will only last four years, needless to say more than a handful lost their lunches.

But before we all rush to spread irresponsible rumors, let’s analyze the facts. The average age of a car in the U.S. is 11.6 years old. However, one of the fastest growing segments in the car world are those vehicles that are 16 years and older. In fact, this group will likely represent roughly 81 million cars by the year 2021. Of those 81 million, 25% will be 25 years or older.  


Every year they’re born. And every year they die. That’s the life of an automobile in 2019, and while we’d love to see our favorites never fall out of favor, that’s too much to ask unfortunately.

Cars go out of style, demand plummets, and manufacturers need to move on. If you have your eye on any of the following rides, you better act quickly (or relatively quick, because in all honesty nobody wants them so you might have more time than you think).

Chevy Cruze

With roughly 6,700 remaining, the Cruze is disappearing, but not nearly as fast as some other rides on this list. With that said, you might be able to find a handful at some point in 2020 so a mad rush to the Chevy dealer is likely not necessary.

GM was assembling the Cruze in their Ohio plant and has built enough to be in stock for some [...]

Color in the car world is everything. Yes, there are nuts and bolts and parts and mechanics moving in sync under that engine hood. But the first thing people key in on when their eyes hit a car is the color. In fact, some studies suggest that for many folks it is one of the most important factors when it comes to purchasing a car. This is exactly why many carmakers go to great lengths to ensure the quality and color of a car’s finish is top-notch and cutting-edge.

Vehicle-related coating and paint jobs began to grow at an industrial level in the early 1900s. Varnish was brushed on the surface of cars and once dry it was then sanded and polished. Like most things in the early 1900s, this took a ton of time and completing the process for a single car could easily span over 1 month. Since then manufacturers have made [...]

For example, a manufacturer that will remain unnamed regularly requires dealers to answer phone solicitations within two rings. How do they know that’s happening? Great question, and the answer is they‘re monitoring. Talk about invasion of privacy. Another quirk – flooring. Automakers like nice flooring and dealers might not always have the budget for nice flooring. But once you’re in bed with a dealer, demands follow.

Some have argued it is silly to blindly follow dealer whims just for a small cash grab of incentive income. But, dealers are quick to point out that not participating or following dealer whims can result in some painful repercussions. This can come in the form of reduced inventory allocation, limited access to desirable models, and perhaps the worst of all – reduced competitiveness with other dealers peddling the same brands. Multiply this phenomenon over entire states or large metropolitan areas and what you get are dealers eventually selling [...]

Eating too much fruit could cause internal damage. Running might not be the best way to get your heart rate up. Reading can make you anti-social. Ok, you got me, that last one is a stretch, but we have seen studies. Just saying …

What we’re trying to present here is some things that one would believe are truthful – tons of fruit, tons of running and tons of reading – might not necessarily be the case. Now that you see the direction we’re going, here’s another doozy – selling new cars for dealers can be unprofitable.

This took a dark turn, didn’t it? Selling new cars is what dealerships do. At least the ones that don’t only sell used cars. In fact, dealerships got their start selling new cars. New cars needed to land somewhere and get moved on to the public and dealerships were there to facilitate these transactions. So what are we [...]

Ever heard the phrase, “nothing is free in life?” The typical annoying phrase our parents and grandparents would ram down our throats when we just couldn’t understand why having our cake and eating it to wasn’t possible. After all, who doesn’t want cake (for free) to eat all by themselves? Everyone, that’s the answer, but if you’re an adult reading this you know all too well that nothing in life is free and everything needs to be paid for one way or another.

Extended Auto Warranty

In the U.S. especially, the demand for SUVs is tremendous. We’ve discussed the factors before (gas prices being front and center), but regardless of the reasons, SUVs keep selling like gangbusters. The Associated Press embarked on a study comparing the top 10 selling 2019 cars and SUVs with the objective of demonstrating which ones were more efficient. They selected similar gasoline powertrains and ended up concluding (to nobody’s [...]

One web search of the Motorwagen and it’s honestly a miracle Bertha and the kids survived. A buggy with wooden wheels, imagining this contraption traversing across blackened cobblestone streets powered by a whopping 2 horsepower (I didn’t miss any 0’s there) and a four-stroke engine, this was as basic as well the first car ever invented could be. But driving today through Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg, where the majority of the German automotive industry is based, it becomes clear the effect Bertha’s trip had on a nation. Post her 1888 trip the Motorwagen went into production and by 1900 Benz & Cie was the largest automaker in the world.

Extended Auto Warranty

Fast-forward to the present and two-thirds of all luxury cars sold across the globe are German-designed. We say designed because with globalization a German car can easily be made anywhere nowadays. It’s the design and engineering however that matters. Over half of all [...]

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