Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly transforming how we work, live, interact and generally exist. During World War II, Alan Turing, the brilliant computer scientist, cracked a code that German forces were using to send messages securely. The British scientist created a machine that could interact with humans where it was completely unknown whether one was talking to a human or a machine. This eventually led to an Allied forces victory, and in 1956 at a scientific conference at Dartmouth College, the term AI was first adopted. The race has been on from there.

Now, AI did not develop unobstructed since World War II. During the mid-1970s scientists worldwide began facing shortages in funding for AI research. This however did not last for simply a handful of years. It lasted nearly 20 years! Computers were not developed enough to process large amounts of data, and because AI requires constant learning in the form of more [...]

Back in 1963 Enzo Ferrari received a call from the Ford Motor Company surrounding a potential buyout of Ferrari. Buyouts can be good, bad and everything in between. The person or company getting bought out can come into some unexpected cash with which to invest elsewhere. Or said person/company could be on the heels of folding to the potential buyer, creating some nasty feelings as a result. This offer from Ford was somewhere in between, as Enzo realized at some point in the conversation that part of the buyout would include the purchase of Ferrari’s hallowed racing program (Scuderia Ferrari), a program that won 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1958 and then every single year between 1960 and 1965.

Short History Of Rivalry

The world’s oldest active sports car endurance race, Ferrari had been a legend on this circuit and Enzo simply wasn’t going cede any ground. Then CEO, Henry Ford II, was left angry (pissed [...]

In Part I we ran down what you need to be a car salesperson and the typical characteristics. Here in Part II we’re going to dive into the dirty little secrets of how to make six figures doing all this. First up, your schedule. Like most jobs, car salespeople work regular business hours, but the folks who tend to work when others aren’t (holidays and weekends) will naturally capitalize on traffic. And this traffic is people who are naturally more relaxed and up for chatting and browsing. It is very different to sell to someone on a Wednesday evening after a long day at the office, or a Tuesday lunch break compared to someone at 10:30 on a Saturday morning.

The big takeaway here – work when others are taking time off and that’s the first step to six figures. Second, anticipate every … single … question. A potential buyer is going to arrive with [...]

YouTube will suck you in. You know this by now. It’s a dangerous application, YouTube, chalk full of stuff that most of us have no use for outside of the sheer entertainment value. And guess what, it’s entertaining!

Your loyal scribe, for one, dives headfirst down that YouTube rabbit hole every evening, sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes, 2 hours. It’s a great release after a long day, but ohhh so dangerous. With that said however, there are some positives to be had with YouTube – the plethora of tutorials, interesting interviews and fascinating testimonials from guys and gals that make six figures selling cars!

Let’s start with the basics

Six figures selling cars sounds nice, doesn’t it? You sure as heck know it does! The problem is, as a car salesperson, hauling down six figures is far from guaranteed. Before we jump into how much you can rake in, let’s start with the basics. First up, [...]

General Motors has not had a banner year. Sales aside, the biggest issue the American manufacturer faced by far in 2019 was a labor strike that some estimate has cost GM upwards of $2 billion. Initiated on September 16th, approximately 50,000 hourly workers stopped working, making the strike the largest GM strike in 12 years. It was also the longest strike in 50 years (within the auto industry) and a massive hit as earlier stated to GM’s bottom line. On October 16th a new labor contract was reached with wages rising 6% during the four-year life of a contract. This equates to $32.32 per hour.

Make no mistake

Make no mistake, other manufacturers were watching this scenario unfold, observing the fall-out and no doubt calculating how best to stop the same occurring with their workforce. Ford is one such manufacturer, and it should come as no surprise that just days ago they announced a [...]

In Part II, you’ll continue to marvel at the futility of some of these things …

Moto meters

This is a fun one. Many older cars featured some understandably basic instrumentation. A speedometer was present, but much more than that was typically not available (nor invented!). To monitor the fuel level in a car for example, dipping a stick into the gas tank was common. And to monitor the coolant temperature, well that was the job of a moto meter.

This handy little gadget was inserted on top of the radiator cap and it would measure the overall temperature in the radiator. Granted, one had to physically look at the gauge in real-time which was not necessarily all that easy, especially while driving. But it was better than nothing, and like the Woodlites, these are collector’s items that folks adore. In fact, the thermometers were so well fabricated that they look like pieces of [...]

One look at your car today, and the marvels of how this impressive piece of machinery works is just that … marveling. Cars are supercomputers, capable of some truly impressive things, but this was not always the case. Granted, they were always super machines, but back in the day (50 to 80 years ago), cars either featured some things that frankly accomplished nothing, or machinery that was rudimentary at best. Over this two-part series we’re going to look at some classic features that you will never find again. Thank goodness!

Oily air

Modern cars occupy filters made of paper or some sort of fabric. Older cars however featured a “filter” that was comprised of a container filled with oil. Doesn’t sound like a filter, does it? It sure doesn’t, and this in turn resulted in oily air. These old units would pull in air towards the oil and then pulled it back up again [...]

Will a vehicle lease or purchase cause you to become penniless? It relies upon what direction you take at it supposedly. In a positively millennial manner , nobody powers anybody to purchase a conspicuous games vehicle from an extravagance brand. In case you’re stretching out yourself to make a vehicle buy, you’re opening yourself up to several issues.

Notwithstanding, the greater part of the issue originates from the vehicle itself. On the off chance that you could be sure the amount it will cost to keep up a vehicle after some time, in any event you’d recognize what’s coming. However, that is once in a while the case. Costly vehicles that happen to be inconsistent placed you in an unbalanced position.

Truth be told, information from Your Technician indicated vehicles made by BMW — a definitive motivational brand — cost the most to keep up more than 10 years. With extravagance brands growing their lineups, [...]

Drunk Driving,

The human experience is replete with wonder, failure, exceptional highs and exceptional lows. One of the worst things that can happen to someone is losing someone close. This could be a family member, a partner, a dear friend, or worse, a child. These are uncontrollable, and many deaths result from things that are beyond us (cancer and similar diseases that do not discriminate). But there are other things that we can control, and one of them is drunk driving.

Crack Down On Drunk Driving

Thankfully, the “public good” argument against cracking down on drunk driving has worked. Initially framed as something we should keep in mind and pass the keys if we’ve had a couple drinks has transformed to others in society actively asking people to pass their keys, and in the most extreme cases, taking keys or calling [...]

Digging a bit deeper on the (web) Tesla page, Smart Summon is to be used when the driver is within 200 feet of the car. It is only intended to be used in private parking lots (supermarket, mall, etc) and driveways. It is the driver’s responsibility to monitor the situation and make sure the car is always in a direct line of sight. There is a part in bold on the page that makes it clear the car might not always detect all obstacles, which include other cars and people in close vicinity.

Smart Summon Tesla

This last part is particularly disturbing, considering the potential ramifications of a Smart Summon Tesla running over someone. Consumer Reports jumped into the mix, testing the software out and concluding, “the automation was glitchy and at times worked intermittently, without a lot of obvious benefits for consumers.” In a nutshell, a waste of time. There was one instance [...]

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