Extended Car Warranty

As most of you would already know, manufacturer warranty is for a limited time. Therefore, one ideal thing to do for your vehicle is to get a reasonable and reliable extended car warranty to keep the vehicle under protection in times of needs.

Now this is something your extended car warranty would be responsible for but do you realize the things you need to learn to assist any car problems that might occur unexpectedly? Imagine you are on a road drive and suddenly you figure out your car’s tire is getting flat. You will be dreading that situation and where cell phones do help in calling help, they might even ditch on spot due to low signals, network problem or any other issue. Plus, not to forget the waiting time period.
How amazing would it be if the skill is in your very own hands and you do not have to [...]

Extended Auto Warranty

No matter what car you own, extended auto warranty works wonders in times of need. It is true the overall warranty packages are costly but if you get one from a reliable and reasonable company, you would be actually saving more money in the longer run and it is all worth it. Extended auto warranty helps you keep your vehicles protected even after the manufacturer warranty has expired and this really gives a sigh of relief to the car owners when they know they can rely on another party for their car.

However, is extended auto warranty enough? The answer is absolutely no. Car owners should take care of their car as much as possible in order to cut down cost. Extended auto warranty works well in its way but you do need other ways to save money on your car as well. This is the right place for you to learn [...]

Cadillac Extended Warranty

Before we start off with the introduction of the Cadillac XT4 model, we would prefer shedding some light on the importance of Cadillac extended warranty. It is significant in so many ways. Once you invest so much in a nice luxury car, it is wise to protect it as well. Manufacturers warranty end after some time so the best thing you can do for your XT4 is to give it the protection of Cadillac extended warranty. This would not only give a backup plan for your valuable vehicle but would also ease you out and keep you confident.

XT4 – the athletic package

Cadillac came up with the concept of a small athletic package which has the optimal features for a five seat compact luxury crossover SUV. General Motors is behind the manufacturing of this incredible crossover SUV. Moreover, it’s production started in 2018 while the model years are 2019 [...]

Cadillac Extended Warranty

Before we talk about Cadillac’s CT5 model in detail, it is significant for you to know how important and useful it is to purchase Cadillac extended warranty for a better future of your vehicle. CT5 is also a luxury car which means some hefty amount of money has been spent on it. Therefore, be wise and spend a little more to get Cadillac extended warranty plan in order to secure your very own asset. Manufacturer’s warranty is never enough as it expires after a while. Hence, no matter which model you own, get some protection plan and relieve yourself.

Cadillac CT5

Cadillac came up with an incredible mid size luxury car just like its other models. This one is a beauty in its own unique way, swaying heads and hearts. Cadillac started the manufacturing of this amazing vehicle in 2019. However, the model years start from 2020 and on going. [...]

Cadillac came up with a full size luxury SUV named Escalade which came into being in 1998. It is one of the old models of Cadillac range but one of the best ones.

Cadillac Extended Warranty

Before we discuss more about Escalade, it is important to learn how significant Cadillac extended warranty is for all models. Majorly, for this model as it is a full size luxury SUV which deserves to be taken care of by a professional party. Spending so much on luxury SUVs should also let you spend a little more for a reliable backup plan for your vehicle. 

Many people put a full stop after they have spent a lump sum amount money on a vehicle. However, what they do not understand is that their vehicle is their very own asset, a little more spending will not only proceed their expense car but would also bring long term ease and comfort [...]

“They pulled her back when she was thinking she was out” this quote is not from any movie or a novel. But we can use this for Dodge Viper which is a legendary car. It is a race-bred two seats grand tour car known as SRT Viper. This car was introduced and manufactured from 1991 through 2017 by FCA US LLC. The production was halted in 2007-2010 due to some financial issues. However, the reproduction was announced by the company in 2010 and Dodge Viper was pushed back to market with more abilities and aggressiveness. The Dodge extended car warranty providers are covering the various Dodge lineups along with some discontinued models that are still running on the road with regal. 

Dodge Viper:

You may already know that Dodge Viper is a high performance sports car. But you may have no idea that SRT (Street and Racing Technology) only came in to being because of [...]

Our talk of the day is a classic, stylish, high performing and affordable Dodge Avenger. It made a big splash in the large pool of the sedans almost 20 years ago as a two door coupe. In 2007, the Avenger was reintroduced in the market as four-door mid-sized sedan. Until 2014, which is also the last year of its production, Avenger went through various facelifts and revisions and it remained a popular choice not only for the daily drivers but also for performance enthusiast. Dodge Extended Auto Warranty is the best option to keep your old Avenger running on the roads in the best condition. 

The standout design of the Dodge Avenger is its best attribute. Here are some other reasons to buy it.

Dodge Extended Car Warranty Trim Levels:

 Initially the Avenger hit the automotive market with three trims and then soon [...]

You guys might have heard that “2020 Dodge Caravan returns”, yes that’s right. The car which was introduced in 1983 is still in production and has a long rich (read profitable) history. The company has sold more than 15 million Caravan minivans globally until today. Its new models are expected to grab more bucks from its enthusiast. This news also took me by a pleasant surprise and made me go down a memory lane. Yes, I own a Caravan since almost 11 years now. It is a 2008 model and I purchased it from dealer along with a Dodge extended car warranty. Since we all know that cars are expensive, to buy, to fuel and to maintain. This is something caught me by surprise when I came across a repair cost data of my Caravan and the other car that I own during the same time period. 

Let me confess this here today, that I [...]

A car is definitely and ultimate convenience and gives you freedom to move and go wherever you want. But it does not always give you the same freedom which is expected. Car is a necessity or an option? Most of you might have thought or heard this question once or twice in your life? Well for some people it might be an option but for some it is a necessity. Let me explain this how?  I have grown up in a rural area and it was almost 25 km away from the nearest city. So having more than one car was a must in these rural areas. Like my family always owned two cars. My dad had his personal car and the other car was used by my mom and my siblings for daily commute. So, in our neck of the woods having a car was not an option but necessity to go to the [...]

Since we all know that fuel consumption is a big concern of the car owners. Seemingly, the prices of the gasoline, diesel and engine fuel are always rising. The fuel prices are making it difficult for the people to travel with freedom. That is why more and more people are inclining towards alternate transportation modes. They are also looking for the ways to cut the fuel consumption cost to afford the driving cost.  Extended warranty providers help the car owners by sharing repairing cost. But none of them so far has come up with fuel sharing plans so far. In this article we will discuss the ways that may help to reduce fuel consumption. So, here we go.

Drive when only needed:

It is very simple, drive less save more. It is the best way to reduce the fuel consumption. Consider walking and cycling when you have to travel a few blocks away. Trust me [...]

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