We don’t want to say you missed out, but you might have missed out. Most auto manufacturers expected sales to dip as a result of COVID-19. They dipped, and dipped badly, but not as bad as was expected. And with more and more states re-opening, car prices are beginning to rise again.

To give you an idea of how this is all panning out, a Toyota dealer in Birmingham, Alabama, registered 200 vehicles on his lot in May. This was down from a typical inventory of 500. While in early May he was worried those 200 weren’t going anywhere, he is now ordering more and climbing back up to 500 as they are selling much faster than expected.

The drop between sales in May of 2020 compared to May of 2019 was roughly 30%. There was improvement from April to May, but sales are understandably still down. There has been [...]

Corvette Stingray
Here you have it, folks – the craziest option of them all! Why are we suggesting a sports car as a great road trip ride? Well, there are couples who road trip without kids. Friends even, and if there are only two of you, why waste the space of rolling out in a larger car when you can have the vacation of your life in this ride.
The Stingray only fits two, but the cargo space is more than enough for a couple of suitcases. Additionally, you can let your hair down with the soft-top convertible and the coupe’s lift-out roof panel.

Lincoln Aviator
We’re turning from small and fast to big and fast. The 2020 Aviator is a machine, unlike any other. With three rows of comfortable seating, if you’ve got a large family, look no further. The turbocharged V6 is a beast on the highway, and [...]

It’s sad to say, but we won’t be flying “normally” again anytime soon. Many of us will be postponing trips to faraway places, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a nice vacation via another means of transportation.

This summer (and perhaps into the fall), the open road calls us. It’s time to return back to our roots, and tap into that honored, past-time our parents grew up with before the massification of planes and cheap flights – the road trip.

Road trips are legendary, mainly because of the stories that occur on the trip itself. Everything from sibling warfare in the backseat to the misreading of directions to our own parents getting into some intense debates. The road trip has it all! Yet, behind every great road trip is a great road tripping car.

Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Now, this is an odd choice to begin this piece, you’re thinking. For [...]

Ever heard of the World Car Awards? There are lots of car awards out there. All are subjective in nature and seek to recognize exceptional cars rather than trying to convince someone that the new Honda Accord is the most reliable car of the year (for example). Nissan might have a thing or two to say about that, as would Subaru. Now, this isn’t to say that some award outlets are more reputable than others. That’s another discussion. But with this said, the World Car Awards is a respected awards entity that has been around for a while (entering into its 16th year).

The committee behind the awards is part of a non-profit entity. They’re comprised of both an executive committee as well as advisors. These are leading minds in the broader automotive industry from around the world. The reason the awards are so respected is they’ve grouped folks from the US, India, France, Canada, [...]

Another threat to Hertz (that Enterprise and Avis were able to thwart, so far) was the looming ascension of ride sharing. Lyft and Uber have successfully poached the Hertz market, and Enterprise and Avis moved much quicker in refreshing their fleets and upgrading technology to combat this. To give you an idea of how fast this fall from grace has happened, in 2014, Hertz was valued at roughly $14 billion. Some analysts have that number as high as $17 billion. This was twice Avis’s valuation. Last year, Hertz plummeted to a $2 billion valuation, and COVID-19 has literally been a foot on their neck, leaving Hertz gasping for air.

The company has understandably cycled through several CEOs over the last decade – four to be exact. One of the more prominent was Kathryn Marinello, a savvy businesswoman who had a nice run of 3 years but famously clashed with the Board over her corporate strategy. [...]

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