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Comfy Rides (Part I of II)

In a parallel post we talked reliability and resale value. A definite must, and for some the most important metric when deciding whether to invest in a new car. But for others, comfortability is right up there, if not even superseding reliability. We generally see this with drivers who are naturally in their cars for extended periods of time per day. While we don’t wish this on anyone (nobody enjoys driving in traffic), there are people who indeed love to drive, and what’s better than being in a car with plush seats, first-class ergonomics and the feeling of being in a aircraft cabin somewhere in the Orient.

There isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t enjoy all this, and because of this, we have a two-part series that is going to knock your socks off.

Chrysler 300

A classic “grandfather” brand, this isn’t to say Chryslers should not be owned unless you are 60 years plus. On the contrary, Chrysler has hit the re-fresh button on several models and is now hipper than ever. However, the brand is still thought of as an older generation’s ride, and older generations require more comfort than the young whippersnappers. The 300 sports a plush cabin and an array of choices on the dash that can frankly be a bit overwhelming. The car is also quite long, borrowing heavily from Mercedes-Benz’s W211 and W220 platforms. All and all, a very comfy ride however which is why this car sits firmly on this list.

Honda Accord

The old faithful, and while known for its reliability and overall solid performance, few if any ever talk about the Accord’s comfort. This generation (the 10th) is built with a longer wheelbase which paves the way for more rear-seat legroom. Other creature comforts such as heated rear sets, an adaptive suspension system, leather upholstery, etc round out an above average offer from this generation’s Accord.

Volkswagen Jetta

Ever met a bitter Jetta owner? A Jetta owner with a permanent frown, always down and out, never the life of the party? We didn’t think so, Jetta owners are fantastic mainly because the car attracts fantastic people. Your loyal scribe remembers one of the most popular kids in his high school. Always smiling, great personality, and you know what else – he had a killer, red Jetta with a sound system that was second to none. This generation’s Jetta sports a very spacious cabin (for its size), heated steering wheel, heated rear seats and a panoramic moonroof (not standard unfortunately). One jump inside and you notice the Jetta gets real comfortable, real quick. And a bonus here – a fully digitized gauge cluster, thanks to Audi.

Part II has some more rides that you can easily fall asleep in, stay with us … Protection Status
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