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Comfy Rides (Part II of II)

In Part I we detailed three winners. Want some more?

Cadillac CT6

For the most part, a flop. And that’s not solely us saying it. Ask Cadillac themselves and they’ll tell you – this car flopped. Sales have been paltry at best since the launch of the flagship CT6 sedan. Granted, most folks are not into sedans these days, but this one has generated next to no interest and that’s been a problem for Cadillac management. Despite a harsh couple of sentences though, this is a nice ride!

The interior is gorgeous, lightweight, features a notable investment in first-class materials coupled with cool features like 20-way adjustable front seats. In summary, the CT6 is an excellent, comfortable option, languishing in a segment (sedans) that people aren’t buying. But if you’re buying them, then who cares what the others think, right?

Toyota Avalon

The Avalon received a lot of attention due to its looks. It looks, well, not like a Toyota. Some people love that, others run from it, but one thing is for sure, this car has an identity. And now it’s also known for being quite comfortable on your rear (and your friends and family as well). The 2019 version is all new and this generation also benefits from Toyota’s New Global Architecture which places a premium on the bigger, overall body. Toyota threw an army of engineers at this puppy and churned out a very comfortable ride. We can’t same the same about the exterior, but to each his/her own.

Kia Cadenza

We have to say, Kia has come a LONG way. Once marginalized amongst the Asian giants, it is safe to say Kia has climbed right up to the top, meeting Honda and Toyota head-to-head in several segments. The Cadenza best represents Kia’s ability to deliver an affordable, competent sedan with handsome design and bells and whistles you wouldn’t expect with a car at this price. Leather upholstery comes standard coupled with dual-zone climate control and auto-dimming rearview mirrors. Finding these standard in any other sedan in this segment is challenging at best. Bump up to the premium option and then we’re talking a 12-speaker Harman Kardon system and power-folding side mirrors.

If comfort is your thing then you’ve got no excuses. Any of these lounge rockets will do the trick! Protection Status
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