Ferrari F 430 What Should you Buy it or not?

Today, I will discuss my favorite brand of the luxury sports car manufacturer which is Ferrari. You must be familiar with the name because it is the beloved brand of more than half of the population of the globe. And I can bet it is not an exaggeration because people who can’t afford to buy it have the posters or pictures of its famous models hanging on their room’s walls, in personal computers, some of them who are passionate car enthusiasts like I use its picture as a wall paper on mobile screens and other personal devices. So, here I present to you a brief history of the Ferrari Company to improve your knowledge about the company.

Ferrari extended warranty

The Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer and was founded in 1939. The first car was built in 1940 by the company however; it got recognized as the auto manufacturer in 1947. The Brand Finance rated the company as the most powerful brand in 2014. The 1964, Ferrari GT0 250 model set the record as the most expensive car in 2018 at the selling price of $ 70 million. Ferrari is known for the participation in the Formula One racing and its car are seen on the road as a symbol of luxury, speed and wealth.

So people, it was the brief introduction of the company. Now let’s talk about it cars and different models and I would like to start with F 430 because this is actually my dream car.

Ferrari F430:

Ferrari F430 was produced by the company from 2004-2009. It is a successor to Ferrari 360. It is actually an upgraded version with better performance and interior changes. The car features a 4308 cc 4.3 L V8 petrol engine and it is capable of producing 483 hp with 343 lb-ft with enables the car to accelerate from 0-6 mph in just 3.6 seconds.

Now, you may have an idea about the performance of the car and so we will discuss it as a market case if you want to buy a luxury car this information may help you.

The F430 has a beautiful shape and exotic presence that make it look like a royal car. It has an original berlinetta shape which is much better than other competing cars of the same era. Let me also tell you that it is a sports car that you may easily use as a road car despite its speed. In fact according to the luxury lifestyle experts this is the best ever road car built by Ferrari. This is one of the most sought after model of the sports car and its value is still higher than even the newly built models of the competitors. Also, its price is expected to increase in next two years as collectors have been showing great interest in F430.

Perhaps, it is better to get it sooner than later. Remember to protect your investment with an extended warranty. Protection Status
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