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How to Pick The Right Mechanic

Written by James Nevins
how to pick the right mechanic

Picking a mechanic can be a dirty affair, use these tips to make it go smooth and pain-free. When your vehicle has a serious breakdown and when fixing it yourself is impossible, going to a mechanic is necessary. However one thing in the back of many car-owners minds is whether or not a car mechanic is reliable and will not cheat or overcharge on the repair.

The internet is filled with horror stories of untrustworthy mechanics breaking things and charging the customer for it. But not all mechanics are unreliable and here is how you find the good ones.

The first thing you look for is… ASE certified

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence organization is a non-profit organization since 1972 has been seeking to improve the quality of automotive service and repair.

To be certified by ASE, a mechanic must have at least two years of experience and go through rigorous tests that are given by ASE. Out of three only two pass on their first attempt of the test and every five years the mechanic must retake the test to make sure he or she is up to date with advancing automotive technology.

Internet Research

The great thing about today is how everyone is connected making it much harder for bad people to get away with what they are doing for long.

A great resource to use is called Angie’s list, a member’s website that gives you ratings on your own local businesses.If you don’t want to pay for Angie’s list, simply browse on google until you find something. Using the internet to find both good and bad reviews will save you a lot of money.

Use Your Intuition

When you’re speaking to a mechanic and you begin to have a nagging feeling that he might be cheating you, look into it further. We are surprisingly perceptive when something is off or not right. A more concrete example of this is when you notice your mechanic is not willing to show you exactly what is wrong with your car.

Perhaps in general your mechanic is being terse, not explaining things or trying to brush off the issue as something small entirely.

These are suspicious actions worth looking into more.

Know Your Stuff
  • Don’t walk in there like a babe in woods not knowing anything about your car, what it needs, what kind of specialty repair it requires if any.
  • You’re asking to get ripped off if you expect to rely completely on the mechanic.
  • Even if your mechanic is honest, he can make mistakes or use unnecessarily expensive parts and for you to avoid these things you need to know them beforehand.
  • Also look into what the auto shop specializes in, how long they’ve been in business and a great question to ask is “What would you do if it was your car?”
  • This forces to your mechanic to honestly assess and tell you what your automobile really needs.
  • Arming yourself with this knowledge will not only save you time, money and a couple of headaches as well.

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