Jaguar XJ- Series: Why it is so special?

Jaguar’s classic series XJ’s discussion would be somewhat emotional for many of its users. This beauty combined the athleticism, luxurious interior and desirability in such a very reasonable price that it was hailed as the world-beater when launched in 1968. Here, I would argue that XJS was the work of modern art. I have used the word ‘was” as in may the company has end XJ production and promises a resurrection with more performance and quality. Even the oldest mode that was launched in 70’s but it still looks timeless today.

XJ Series-I:

This XJ6 replaced all four door-sedans (340, 420,420G) at once. The car had a 4.2 liter V-6 engine and four wheel independent suspensions. This all made the XJ6 an instant hit because it had an interior and exterior that matched Roll-Royce and a sporting suspension and price was just a mere fraction of what you would pay for a Roll-Royce. The XJ-Series of Jaguar has maintained its classic look and quality performance in 47 years of its production.

XJ Series-II:

The XJ-SII faced some criticism from car enthusiast because of the federalization and British Leyland. Jaguar’s good will suffered because of it and it faced sever quality issues as well. But I believe that criticism was undeserved. The power terrain was very strong with solid and classy body. It was a safe buy when BL went out of the way and company was back on its original track.

XJ Series-III:

The XJ-III was introduced in 1979 and it was an expensive redesign. This series was actually produced to rectify some issue of the XJ-S II and was better equipped for everyday use and drive. The S-III came with three engine options that were 3.4, 4.2liter straight six and 5.3 liter V12. It was no doubt a better model with more glass, 3in headroom in back, vertical grill bars in exterior long with the flush door handles and other such improvements.

Jaguar XJ-series is best among all its competitors because you might have heard about the different issues like over pricing, reliability and safety issues and bad quality of interior and exterior. However, I have never heard anything like that about Jaguar XJ-S. it is a beautiful and unique not because it is magnificent to drive but it is so unconventional. Protection Status
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