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Jaguar XJR

We have done plenty discussion on XJS of Jaguar in our previous post. In this post we would shed light on the XJR model of Jaguars. Here is a brief introduction of the car. XJR is also called Vanden Plas, XJ8, Super V8 Daimler Super Eight and XJR and I available as a Sedan and Coupe. This model was the re-engineering of the third generation of XJ. The car was not famous when it was first released as the Jaguar was facing its image issue. Because of its looks the car was regarded as an old man’s car and mostly young drivers opted for the competitors cars. You must be wondering that if the car was not that famous why it was produced by the company until 2014. The main competitors of the XJR are Audi S8, BMW M5 and Mercedes Benz S-Class.

XJ is series of the luxury cars which is produced by the British automaker Jaguar Cars. Since 1968 the company produced various flagship four-door models. XJR 350 was one of the most advanced production car in world. The current model of XJ X351 was launched in 2009 and is still produced. The XJ has all new modern design and is longer, wider and bigger than its predecessors. The XJ’s new features are innovative and is available in different power terrain options like 5.0 liter petrol V8 engine, 3.0 liter supercharged V6 engine, 5.0liter supercharged V8 petrol engine.

Let me clarify you, the collectors know the real worth of the car as they are enthusiast and have more knowledge of the cars. The millennial however, liked the classiness of the XJR. The car has a regal exterior and this car is actually fun to drive as it is fast and comfortable. The V8 engine of 4.2 Liter is capable of accelerating the car from 0-100km in just 5.3 seconds which definitely makes it a superfast car. In fact, I would say this car is an upgrade of the XJ series with much better interior and performance. The fancy wood was replaced to reduce the weight of the dashboard and give it a sporty profile.

I would suggest driving this car seriously. The car would definitely offer you an unwavering drive quality, exhilarating speed and classy sporty look. You would definitely feel like a lady/sir of the road. Also, the engine of XJR is more reliable. A high mileage motorway car is way better than low-mileage cars that has just done short trips on local roads. An extended warranty for Jaguar is always a good idea as well. Protection Status
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