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Jaguar XK Series

The Jaguar XK series is one of the most popular car types that have ever existed. It began its journey in 1996 and toured the globe till 2014. The Jaguar XK series was actually a new idea that was turned into reality by the company. The idea was to manufacture a 2 door grand tourer car with numerous convertible body styles to catch attention of consumers around the globe. The XK series first appeared in March 1996 at the Geneva Motor Show. The Car was warmly welcomed by the audience and it was no surprise how impressive the launch turned out to be.

The Jaguar XK series is also known as XK8 Series. This awesome car was manufactured and assembled in Castle Bromwich Assembly located in Birmingham, England. This factory is a well-known entity that has employed over 2500 individuals and is behind the manufacturing of all Jaguar saloon and sports cars. Moreover, the car itself was designed by two different designers. The model X100 was designed by Geoff Lawson who was a British designer and had also been the director of Jaguar till 1999. The other model, X150, was designed by Ian Callum who had previously worked for Ford and Aston Martin but in 1999 was appointed as Director of the designing department for Jaguar Cars which later got merged and renamed as the Jaguar Land Rover.

The Jaguar XK series basically included two famous car models which were mentioned above. The X100 and X150. Both these cars were Grand Tourers and had slightly different features. The X100 was a 2 door coupe while the X150 was a 3 door lift-back coupe. This was the main feature that differentiated both car models. Other than that, the XK series was a rear wheel drive and the engine was located on the front side of the car just like most common cars. The XK series was a successor of the commonly known Jaguar XJ (X350) which was manufactured by the company from 1975 to 1996 and was a luxury grand tourer type.

XK series was basically an updated and improved version of the predecessors. With all new features, the XK series turned out to be an attractive offer for potential customers. The Jaguar XK series came with two different variants. One variant had a 5 speed automatic gear system while the other variant came with a 6 speed automatic gear system. The engine was specifically designed for the XKR models which itself is a unique feature of the car. 5L Jaguar AJ V8 supercharged engine was used in these cars. This is something very interesting. The Jaguar AJ-V8 engine is available in different displacement types. It ranges from 3.2L to 5L. This engine was also used in other famous cars which includes Ford Thunderbird and the famous Aston Martin. However, Jaguar kept this type only for the XKR series to make it different from its other car models. The DOHC V8 piston engine caught attention of many consumers when the car was first introduced to general public.

The XK8 was Jaguar’s first ever model that had 8 cylinders and it came as a replacement of XJS type. The second generation of the XK model was introduced by the company in 2006. It was famous for its aluminum monocoque chassis and the build quality. The second generation of XK was an even more powerful version of the first generation and it soon got popular. Jaguar kept its focus on improving the car models and they were quite impressive every time.

Unfortunately, in the year 2014, Jaguar decided to end the production of XK series and without introducing an updated successor, it ended production completely. The journey of XK series which began in 1996 finally ended after almost two decades. Since then the Jaguar XK series have not been produced but is still very popular in many countries. The journey was worth remembering! Protection Status
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