Leasing never sounded better (Part II of II)

If you enjoyed Part I and already made some notes on which rides to keep your eye on, you’re going to absolutely go nuts over what we have here!

2019 BMW X1

Want to hop into a BMW and not pay an executive’s level price tag? The XI is your best shot, a small crossover SUV that has gained fans over the years. Wonder why? Well, at just $309 per month (and $3,989 at signing), getting into a BMW was never easier. These prices are for Southern California so do your homework first. Also, this is for the 2019 model so lessees will be picking up those cars still left in inventory.

But fret not if the 2019 isn’t there for you, the 2020 version is just $349 per month so the difference isn’t all that great. Do know that the actual mechanical and aesthetic differences between the two years are rather minor, so pick up a 2019 X1 and take that extra $40 and bring a loved one to McDonalds once a week.

2020 Cadillac Escalade ESV

The ESV is the largest ride in the Cadillac fleet. This also makes its $879 per month payment rather hefty. Oh, and you needed to put down $8,629 at signing just to get that rate. But here’s where we’re going to throw a twist at you – don’t lease this car at that rate. Rather, wait a couple months because the all-new 2021 Escalade will be arriving soon, and as those crowd out the 2020 version the lease prices will naturally drop.

Do give it some time but get yourself on the dealer’s radar. He or she (if they’re decent at their job) will keep you in their database and you’ll be able to pounce on a 2020 version for a lower price if you play the game right. Remember, a bit of flirting will get you a long way here.

2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Fusion is a midsize sedan, and if you’re located in Southern California specifically, the deals coming out of that region for this ride are likely the best in the nation. For an insanely cheap $239 per month with just $1,999 down, this gas-electric hybrid is an excellent option for those more environmentally conscious drivers out there. If you’re simply looking for a straight gas option, then the SE version of the Fusion is only $189 per month but that does require a larger down payment – $3,049.

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