How to Maximize your Fuel Economy

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How to Maximize Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

By James Nevins Maximizing your fuel economy

All vehicle owners would love to know how to reduce their fuel needs especially, if they own a high capacity and outage machine. The secret is in the service. Cars tend to run better and consume less fuel when they are well maintained. There are a few things to look out for when trying to make the car optimize fuel consumption.

Check the tires

One of the most effective ways to save fuel is to make sure tire pressure is on point. Bad tire pressure affects the fuel economy quite significantly. Keeping the tires aligned and properly inflated saves fuel by reducing the amount of drag that the power train has to overcome. It is advisable to get a set of low rolling resistance tires. These tires reduce resistance by 10 percent improve the mileage by about 2 percent for most cars.

Keeping track of the fuel economy

When the fuel economy of your vehicle drops, it could be a sign of other worrying things like engine trouble. One has to keep track of the fuel economy by noting the reading of the odometer and the number of gallons purchased each time that one fills up. A lot of hybrid vehicles and even some of the conventional model types have special gauges which make it easier to keep track of the fuel economy in real time so that one is able to see their driving habits from another perspective and see how they impact the fuel efficiency.

Right fuel choices

It is advisable to use the right grade of gasoline. Considering that most cars run on regular, you should check the manual to find out the best option for the vehicle. You should not ‘top off’, at the pump and make sure the fuel fill cap is tightly sealed. Regular grade fuel costs about 20 cents less than premium grade so it is not that big of a difference. At the present, gasoline types similar engine performance though some brands have different blends that provide other benefits, it is better to choose stations within the vicinity that have the lowest prices. Fuel prices can vary 10 percent within a few blocks.

Being weight conscious

It is advisable not to carry around items that one needs. It is a fact that for every 100 pounds extra that are carried in the vehicle, the vehicle fuel economy decreases by 2 percent. You can also reduce the drag by closing windows and putting bulky items inside the trunk instead of a roof rack.

You should be aware that many companies will try to sell mileage improving devices. There are some who claim they will save you up to 50 percent, but you have to beware because most are cons trying to make a fast buck.


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