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Mercedes Benz E-Class

Mercedes Benz is my most favorite brand and the E-class I just effortlessly elegant. It was so gutted to hand back the key to the dealer after I test drove the car. It is a refined luxury, comfortable and classic brand. When you sit in the car you would feel so cozy and comfortable. The interior is luxurious and swanky. The use of plastic is few and massive display screen and air vents make the interior super cool.

The command system however, a bit complex and I had to take the help of sales person to get to know it. I guess Audi and BMW have simple systems. But I must say the touch buttons on steering wheel are classy and I just loved it. On top of the best exterior and interior, the E-class offer two petrol and two diesel engines with 8 cylinders. Diesel engine is 1951cc and 2986 cc and petrol engine is 1991 and 3981 cc respectively. All engines are available with automatic transmission that helps in generating 603.4 bph and 850nm torque. It is higher and bigger than the previous models and also low weight. Its weight is 100kg less than the previous model and it is a huge difference. It is no doubt a stellar technological statement of Mercedes Benz E-class.

Overall the Mercedes has a class honor that it seeks from everyone. I just loved the driving experience and the feel that interior gives you are just marvelous. It is a stylish car and is loaded with the technology that makes its driving fun. Mercedes is the name of class, quality and value. I also loved the fact that you can charge your iphone without a plug. But it also has usb plugs. The car has many other options for example, to open trunk, just put your foot under the trunk and it opens. I was also given a three year plan to lock and unlock car using my iphone.

The car is well-priced and is more affordable as compared to BMW 5-series. But Audi’s 6 saloon is more expensive. E-class everything that you could wish for in a car in one place. Protection Status
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