Porsche 911 How to choose the best fit?

Here I am with yet another favorite automaker of all time and that is Porsche. The car comes from a very humble beginning by Ferdinand Porsche who founded the brand in 1931 with just 200 workers in Germany. The initial models (356, 52) were produced in a small garage. Today, it is a world know brand for high-performance sports cars, SUV and sedan. The current lineup of the Porsche AG includes 718 Boxster, 911, Macan, Panamera, Taycan and Cayenne.

Porsche 911:

Porsche is best known for its brand 911. It is best known for powerful, precise –handling sports car. It is iconic 911. This car is entertaining on the streets and also comfortable for daily driving. Another interesting fact is that Porsche has had strong ties with Volkswagen and its Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and in 911 the legacy of rear-engine is still endures.

Some of the specs of the 911 include air cooled engines which use engine oil to cool the engine rather than using the water-based radiators. These engines are highly valued by the company and are simpler and lighter. These engines also meet the modern emission standards. Also, it has the 3.8 liter engine that produces 540 hp for Turbo and 580 for Turbo S. the car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.0 seconds or less.

Porsche is available in five amazing models only but becomes difficult to find the best fit for you in the lineup. Porsche 911 has two generations and offer 28 different trims. It still offers Turbo trims even though the company now uses turbocharged engines. The Here are some simple steps that might help you to narrow down your choice and find a perfect fit for you. So here I go:

Body Style:

There are different body styles of Porsche like coupes, SUVs, sedan and cabriolets. So make it clear that whether you want an everyday vehicle or a car for just weekend drives, and would your family also use the same car. I believe once you will be clear about the body style the decision of buying a particular model would be 50% easy.

Price Point:

I think this is very important that you know what is budget and how much you could spend on buying a car because some of Porsche models can really blow your bank account. Porsche’s pricing depends on various different factors so it is critical to already have a price range in your mind.

Vintage or Modern Porsche:

So another important factor that I believe may help you make better decision is deciding you want a vintage or a state of the art model. The new models are best and can equally perform well on curvy roads just like it does on racetrack. However, vintage models that are popular also hold perennial value.

It is better to narrow down the basic points to choose the best so that you get the best value for your hard earned money.

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