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jaguar Extended Warranty
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Patriot Warranty’s Jaguar Extended Warranty:

Patriot Warranty covers almost all models of Jaguar. Here’s what you need to know about our extended warranty services for your Jaguar:

Patriot Warranty allows you to own your vehicle for a longer time period. As you drive more, your Jaguar needs to be maintained more. The standard warranty provided by the manufacturers of Jaguar is only valid for a limited period of time. After that, all costs have to be paid by the owner. Imagine paying thousands of dollars after every few weeks just to see your car alive. How hard would that be? To offer you a complete peace of mind and save you from unwanted high repair bills, Patriot Warranty is here to help. Patriot Warranty offers you a long-term protection contract, ensuring your safety, peace and comfort. Patriot Warranty is just one call away if you ever get in trouble, no matter what time it is. So what are you waiting for, join Patriot Warranty now!

The Importance of an Extended Warranty for your Jaguar:

Do you own a Jaguar? Well you must be aware of its importance then. Only car owners’ best know how important their car is for them. You drive your Jaguar every day whether it’s daytime or nighttime. You drive your Jaguar throughout the year, in scorching heat of summers and freezing temperatures of winter. In summers, your Jaguar provides you with a comfortable ride by adjusting the inner temperatures of the car using its air conditioning feature but did you know the air conditioners in your Jaguar cause a great deal of wear and tear in the motor of your car? And then when it comes to winter, your Jaguar might face troubles starting up. Overheating is also usually a part of extreme wear and tear and that could be quite dangerous. To make your life free of these worries and provide you with a complete peace of mind, Patriot Warranty has got your back. By subscribing to one of our packages designed for your Jaguar, you can save A LOT on your next trip to a mechanic!

Jaguar Extended Warranty
How to use Jaguar Extended Warranty?

If you are facing any trouble operating your Jaguar and you feel like the issue is covered under our Jaguar Extended Warranty Coverage, feel free to contact

We will only charge you with the amount that is easily affordable for you and the rest will be taken care of by Patriot Warranty!

Patriot Warranty Services include covered claim, replacement services and repairs.

The best part is, you can choose a mechanic of your choice to repair your Jaguar taking advantage of our Extended Warranty Services!

Details of Jaguar Extended Warranty Coverage:

While we try our best to cover almost all car related issues, some of the things covered by Patriot Warranty include: Labor, Turbo, Brakes, ABS, Locksmith, Towing, Parts, Hi-tech Electronics, Transmission, engine, drive axle, suspension, supercharger, air conditioner, car heating, AWD, 4X4, Battery, Fuel system etc. Along with these awesome services, Patriot Warranty also provides 24 hour roadside assistance so you can drive your car any time of the day without worrying at all!

Patriot Plus*

Our Patriot Plus plan is designed with your budget in mind. It gives you coverage for the most important & some of the most expensive parts of your vehicle.

Patriot Advanced*

Our Patriot Advanced plan gives you complete comprehensive coverage on your vehicle as if it were brand new.

Patriot Premier Elite*

Our Patriot Premier Elite coverage is an exclusionary plan designed to cover all components in the vehicle except routine maintenance.
Engine Engine
Transmission Transmission
Steering Steering
Cooling Cooling System
Electrical Electrical
Brakes Brake System
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
Fuel Fuel System
Drive Axles Drive Axle
Brakes ABS-Brakes
Suspension Suspension
Transaxle 4x4 / AWD
Turbo Charger Super/Turbo Charger
Hi-Tech Hi-Tech
Seals & GasketsSeals & Gaskets
GPS GPS Navigation
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Car Rental Assistance
Are you a Jaguar owner?

If you’re a Jaguar owner or even a lessee at the moment, don’t forget to make use of Patriot Warranty’s extended services!

Benefits of using our services:

  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Guaranteed repairs (see terms and conditions)
  • Money back guarantee (30 days)
Patriotwarranty services Benefits
Save money on repairs
Do you want to purchase a Jaguar?

If you want to purchase a Jaguar or have recently purchased one, don’t forget to make use of Patriot Warranty!

Benefits of purchasing through Patriot Warranty:

  • Save money on repairs
  • Quick and efficient services
  • Complete peace of mind
Do you want to sell a Jaguar?

If you want to sell a Jaguar or have sold one recently, don’t forget to make use of Patriot Warranty!

Benefits of using Patriot Warranty when selling a Jaguar:

  • Faster selling
  • Value added to your vehicle
  • No after sales disputes with the purchaser
  • Buyers are more confident when a vehicle has an extended auto warranty
  • Purchaser avoids high repair costs!
add value to your vehicle
Technical faults and mechanical issues are quite common in cars that are old and even the new one’s sometimes face these problems. Your Jaguar can be one of these cars and you might not want that to happen. It is true that all cars come with an official manufacturer warranty but these warranties are valid for just a limited time period. The importance of a warranty cannot be explained in words but it can be explained in numbers. Imagine detecting a technical fault in your car, it might not look very bad at first but when you visit a repair shop, the cost of repairing is what actually tells you how bad the issue is for you and your Jaguar. To protect yourself from unwanted high maintenance charges, it is important for you to have your car insured with an extended warranty plan. Why? Because the manufacturer warranty of your Jaguar will soon expire and your car along with your annual budget would be left exposed to all kinds of threats! To keep you worry free, Patriot Warranty is here to help. With our extended warranty plans you can protect your Jaguar from all possible dangers. We provide awesome repair and maintenance services and much more!

About Jaguar

The British multinational automobile manufacturer, Jaguar, is one of the most famous brands across the globe. The brand first appeared in 1922 and started off by producing motorcycle sidecars. Back then, they were known as the Swallow Side car company. It was renamed to Jaguar in 1945 and soon the company started manufacturing some really awesome cars. It continued producing Jaguar cars till 2013 after which it decided to officially merge its operations with one of the most famous car brands, Land Rover. The company has since been working efficiently to maintain its brand name and quality. Jaguar has produced some really famous cars throughout its journey and it one of the most demanded brands across earth!

Jaguar Models Covered by Patriot Warranty

Patriot Warranty aims to cover all models of Jaguar from 1999 to the present date, but here’s a list of the latest Jaguar models that are currently being covered under our different coverage plans:

Jaguar Extended Warranty

Jaguar XK

Jaguar Extended Warranty

Jaguar XJ

Jaguar Extended Warranty

Jaguar XQ

Jaguar Extended Warranty

Jaguar XS

Jaguar Extended Warranty

Jaguar XF

Jaguar Extended Warranty

Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar Extended Warranty

Jaguar F-Type

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We here, at Patriot Warranty, make a few simple promises to our customers. We guarantee the highest level of customer service in the industry. We will provide the most competitive pricing and will try our best to beat any price for a similar warranty. We will provide the most comprehensive coverage plans in the industry.

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Patriot Warranty provides the highest rated, most comprehensive coverage available in the Industry. Our extended auto warranty plans provide more protection for your vehicle and your wallet. Patriot Warranty has been highly rated by independent auto warranty review organizations.

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