Summer (and Fall) road trip rides (Part I of II)

It’s sad to say, but we won’t be flying “normally” again anytime soon. Many of us will be postponing trips to faraway places, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a nice vacation via another means of transportation.

This summer (and perhaps into the fall), the open road calls us. It’s time to return back to our roots, and tap into that honored, past-time our parents grew up with before the massification of planes and cheap flights – the road trip.

Road trips are legendary, mainly because of the stories that occur on the trip itself. Everything from sibling warfare in the backseat to the misreading of directions to our own parents getting into some intense debates. The road trip has it all! Yet, behind every great road trip is a great road tripping car.

Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Now, this is an odd choice to begin this piece, you’re thinking. For one, the GT Convertible is not a 2-person car. The image of it is, but the 2020 GT can fit four people comfortably and also has some serious trunk space for its compact size. On top of that, you get a convertible to boot! The open road was made for this V-8, and at 460 hp, nobody is running you down.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The Sonata Hybrid is a roomy sedan with seating up to 5. But three adults in the back seat might be a stretch. Best to keep backseat seating to kids and teens (who don’t have a future in the NFL or NBA). In general, this sedan is roomy, has great trunk space, and will fetch you 54 mpg on the highway. The Hybrid is going to run you nearly $7,000 more than the standard Sonata. If you think charging over long trips might be an issue, then the non-hybrid is the better choice.

Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

A classic, and while not necessarily a road trip ride, the Gladiator is surprisingly well equipped to a vacation more geared towards the outdoors. This Jeep calls on the functionality of a pickup where you can easily store kayaks, camping gear, bikes, and more in the back. The downside of the Gladiator is the mileage isn’t nearly what you’d get with a sedan. But if you’re hitting the great outdoors, you can’t ask for a more sturdy or reliable car.

Land Rover Defender

Speaking of sturdy and reliable, the Defender might have something to say about us heaping all the “sturdy praise” on the Rubicon. Land Rover has long been known as a luxury SUV manufacturer. While their cars are indeed exceptionally well made, the folks doing the off-roading with Land Rovers are a small minority compared to Jeep owners. Most Land Rovers are making their way from a covered garage (home) to another covered garage (work) on a well-paved surface with no irregularities (highway). Those tires never touch a piece of gravel, but this doesn’t mean they can’t handle it. Like the Rubicon, the Defender is a great option if you’re going off the beaten path a bit. It also has a cool 10-inch center touchscreen that displays the immediate terrain awaiting you ahead.

Stay tuned because we kick off Part II with a Vette! Protection Status
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