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The annual World Car Awards

Ever heard of the World Car Awards? There are lots of car awards out there. All are subjective in nature and seek to recognize exceptional cars rather than trying to convince someone that the new Honda Accord is the most reliable car of the year (for example). Nissan might have a thing or two to say about that, as would Subaru. Now, this isn’t to say that some award outlets are more reputable than others. That’s another discussion. But with this said, the World Car Awards is a respected awards entity that has been around for a while (entering into its 16th year).

The committee behind the awards is part of a non-profit entity. They’re comprised of both an executive committee as well as advisors. These are leading minds in the broader automotive industry from around the world. The reason the awards are so respected is they’ve grouped folks from the US, India, France, Canada, Germany, Mexico, and everywhere in between. They’re a global group with a global feel, and the annual winners are typically announced at the famed New York International Auto Show. The pandemic has derailed that this year so the 2020 winners were announced online instead.

Over 80 jurors took part this year, and the categories were: World Car of the Year, Urban Car of the Year, Best Luxury Car, Best Performance Car, and Word Car Design of the Year. Now on to the winners!

World Car Design of the Year

The 2020 Mazda 3 took the cake here. The exterior of this car, especially if it’s black with black rims, is Lexus-esque. Not that Mazda is trying to copy Lexus lines, but the lines are much cleaner than one is accustomed to seeing on a Mazda. The Mazda 3 interior is minimalistic, another departure from older Mazda models, and it also drives (in addition to looking) great.

World Urban Car of the Year

A highly fought category, the 2020 Kia Soul EV narrowly edged out the competition. If you’re going to live in an urban environment, your car needs to be affordable, relatively small, versatile, and have some pep. The Soul checked all the boxes here, and while earlier versions were rightly criticized, Kia seems to have finally nailed the Soul in 2020.

World Luxury Car & World Performance Car of the Year

Every now and again, the same cars take the top prize in two or more categories. This happened again this year, and the winner for both goes to the 2020 Porsche Taycan. This is as one reviewer put it, “a vicious ride.” The Taycan Turbo S is a thrill to drive, and the car’s feel from the moment you step in is plush, luxurious, and chock-full of style. Few cars can compete with the Taycan on the highway, and these categories were a runaway victory for Porsche this year.

World Car of the Year

We saved the number one for last. The most prized category of them all – the World Car of the Year. It is always a dogfight, and the top dog in 2020 is the Kia Telluride. A beast off-road, perfect with any size family, looks great and performs even better, this was a banner year for Kia. Had it not been for the pandemic, their sales would have registered record highs with the Telluride leading the way.

Congratulations to all in a complicated year. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to celebrate in person in 2021. Protection Status
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