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The Future Cars Part-1

As a new cars enthusiastic people are always excited about the soon to launch cars and they love to speculate on features, price and even the tiniest detail about the upcoming cars. Here, is a little insight about the future super cars storms the automobile industry will be launching in the next three years. These cars will be extremely exotic and come with the best of features with an impressive and unconventional idea and only time will tell whether they will be successful or not. There is an assortment of the brand new cars that are fully redesigned with concept supporting advance features because future customers will prefer small and thin cars over Ford Taurus and Chevrolet Impala. There is a list of the cars that are hitting the roads in 2020 for those who are fed up of or averse of buying SUV’s, sedan or coupe. Although the new models of these cars are also coming with improved technology but that’s another hot story and will cover in separate post.

Rapide E by Aston Martin:

Aston Martin is the famous British maker of the exotic sports cars. The company is manufacturing a car that will be fully electric version of the Rapid coupe. The body panels are wrapped in the carbon fiber and aluminum and rear-dual mounted motors that generate 600 hp. Initially the company would produce around 155 units and it should cost around $ 2, 65,000.

488 Rival Aston Martin:

It is the mid-engine super car and the company has not left any stone unturned in adding the beauty and exoticness in its model. The engineers were hired from the Ferrari to beat the game of the super car rivalry. The company has not yet revealed the information about the powertrain but it is most likely a V8 twin-turbo and many of its elements are borrowed from monstrous Valkyrie. It is signed off to be launched in 2021.

Corvette Stingray by Chevrolet:

This car is the reality of 2020 and has been rumored for almost a decade. This car is most exotically and aggressively designed.  The roof panels are moveable and can be stored in a trunk that is forward situated. Engine is v8, 6 liters that reside beneath a clear panel behind the driver’s seat. It has eight –speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and it pumps 490 horsepower. It has more than a dozen selectable modes of driving with driver-focused cockpit. Amazingly the price starts just from $ 60,000.

McLaren BP23 Hyper-GT:

 McLaren is a British sports car manufacturer and will be launching Hype-GT BP23 model in 2020 for which the production has already been started. Only 105 units are being produced by the company initially which has already been sold out to the customers who were waiting for its arrival. McLaren revealed the glimpse of the car this year. The car has a central driving position and its code name is BP23. The engine is 4.0liter V8 and it will be combined with hybrid system to generate a total of 1000 hp. This model focuses on top speed and comfort than agility.

Pagani Huayra Successor:

Pagani will launch two of its sports cars in upcoming years and Huayra Successor will be launched in Geneva Motor Show in 2020. This will be an all-electric light weight car with expected 900 hp. Pagani has revealed that HS will come with a manual gear because of the demands of its customers. Protection Status
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