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The Future Cars Part-II

In part I a few new supercars that are most likely to be launched in 2020 are discussed. Everybody loves the smell and sound of new cars and excitement is at its peak if it the much awaited one and comes with added and improved features. Here are some more:

Pininfarina Electric Hyper car:

This will be an all-electric hyper car that would be launched in 2020 by the Italian design house and only limited units will be produced strictly. The information given about the car’s features in a report reveals that the total output of the car will be 1,479 hp that would rival the Bugatti Chiron. The company has used sophisticated design and innovative technology to make it a master piece that is unique and will set new boundaries in the history of super sports cars.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500:

Although, this car is not “thin’’ but it has taken the original “pony car” to a new performance level and is competing with the Dodge SRT Challenger Hellcat and Chevy Camaro ZL1. It has 5.2 liters v8 engine that generates a strong 760 horsepower. The steering and suspension is also improved and upgraded with largest front brake rotors. However, Ford has removed the backseats to save weight. The total price will be round $75,000 inclusive tax. According to Ford the car would cover a quarter mile in just 10.6 seconds.

Mini Cooper SE:

Mini will be launching this car in 2020 that would come with the go-kart-like handling that is famous for zero emission operations of the brand. The car will produce 191 horsepower and will have four driving modes with one panel driving and two regenerative braking selection options. It is expected to be a good addition in the new supercars.

These supercars sound amazing and this is just a brief introduction and the list is even bigger but these are the few cars that are going to be launched in a couple of months. The automobile industry of the world is working harder to produce the most differentiated models that beat the rivalry by staying ahead of the competition every time. Because, supercars are built with most innovative technology, are designed exclusively and have most sophisticated features. So, the manufacturers are sure about the sale of the units they produced and most of the time these supercars are sold even before they are launched.

Extended Auto Warranty

All the new cars are loaded with the features that are enough to water the mouth of a rich supercar lover so the question is who is going to win the game? The rivalry is also strong and the automobile companies are playing harder to produce unique and differentiated models.

Speaking about the models with all electric features, this is a relatively new concept in the automotive industry and they have yet to deal with the issues such as charging batteries, lack of power, overloaded batteries etc. Buying an all-electric car will be a difficult decision as they come with their own share of shortcomings and it can’t either be completely dismissed. So the general opinion is that hybrid power will definitely win the game as it offer balance as well as control over your vehicle. Protection Status
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