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U.S. vs. Europe (Part I of II)

Europe versus the U.S. Can we stop already with this? Everywhere you look or read these days the Europeans being compared to Americans, vice-versa, which food is better, who has the better health system, are high taxes the way to go, on and on and on. It can be a bit much, although we do have to admit – European food does offer more variety – pizza, gyros, tapas, croissants. That should be a slam-dunk, case closed right there. But we digress …

When it comes to cars, Europeans and Americans really battle it out. Both will swear their homemade rides are superior to the other, but this two-part post is going to take a more critical look, focusing on the positives of both and then letting you the reader decide at the end. Let’s jump in first with the Americans.

American cars are better quality

If we were talking American vs. Japanese or Korean cars, the latter two might take this mantle. But American manufacturers became tired of finishing third and fourth to other countries and have made massive strides here. European cars are better quality when it comes to the more expensive vehicles, but lower-priced and mid-range American cars receive better quality scores across the board.

American Style

A controversial category as style is subjective. Yet, over the last decade American manufacturers have returned to muscle cars and the style factor is now through the roof. We know this to be true because they are selling like gang-busters across Europe whereas a decade ago seeing a Camaro in the streets of Paris was like spotting a rhino on safari – something only a few can attest to.

American Prices

As mentioned earlier, you can get a nice low or mid-range American made vehicle that is high in quality and light on the pocketbook. In fact, an American car, fully-loaded, will many times be cheaper than a European alternative. Price also isn’t just about the upfront cost. Consider the repairs as well, as anyone with an Audi or VW can attest to.

American Fuel Efficiency

Finally, fuel efficiency, something we all covet. American cars are a front-runner here, way out in front. In 2011 and 2012 American cars were way behind, but caught up we have. European manufacturers to their credit are trying to claim this one back, and doing a decent job closing the gap once again. But the science behind how to design for the most optimal fuel efficiency possible is running on all cylinders stateside, something everyone wants at the end of the day. 

Stay tuned for Part II are Euro fans, you won’t be disappointed. Protection Status

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