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U.S. vs. Europe (Part II of II)

Had enough Euro-bashing? You haven’t? Well, Ok, we can continue beating down our people from over the pond a bit more. Just kidding, we have some European readers, no doubt, so please know that yes, Part I, was quite favorable to the Yankees in the room. But we got some nice things to say about you all right … about … now!

Better Quality on Higher Priced Rides

We already said it in Part I! The problem is we couched it in a congratulatory salute to lower and mid-range cars in the U.S. that offered more quality bang for their buck. But there are two sides to every Euro coin (except in England), and Europeans receive a well-deserved nod when it comes to the quality they place into higher priced rides.

Better materials, top of line interior linings, American top-tier cars do not place the same value on this. Not sure why, maybe because if you’re an American and looking to spend $90,000 plus you have your eye on a Mercedes or BMW and not a Ford. Just sayin’ …

Europeans Win with Engineering

Along with good quality on expensive makes comes superior engineering in general. Sure, they pass this cost on to the consumer, but the consumer wants a fabulously engineered ride, so guess what, they expect it (and are willing to pay for it). With this said, American manufacturers are getting better in this department, churning out some competitors to their European peers. But by and large, there’s no competition.

Euro Rides Go Faster

Yes … they … doooooo! But let’s do this equation – if you don’t want to spend a ton of cash, but do want to go fast, there is an American car for you. But if you don’t mind spending more and want to blow said American ride completely off the block, the Euro’s have plenty of options for you. There are exceptions, however. Take for example the 2017 Mustang GT. American made, through and through, and can hit 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, features 425 horsepower and costs roughly $30,000. The lowest level Audi also has all those same specs but will cost you double. However, the extras you get with an Audi are notable (just not sure $30,000 more notable).

Brand Value Matters

And lastly, brand value. We all recognize brand value matters. How could it not? However, American and Europeans do business in very distinct ways. Take for example Ford. The American staple will manufacture a host of different models, all decent quality at a decent price. They will then dip below and make the same assortment of lower end rides at a lesser value but try and up-sale you on them. What ends up happening (to some) over the long-term is they feel they’re overpaying for their car.

Europeans don’t do this. There are lower end cars for sure in Europe, but a brand will splinter off and sell them under a different brand so not to “muddy” the value of the original brand. Americans are looking to make a buck while Europeans care for their brand in a much more conscientious manner.

There you have it, pros and cons of European vs American rides. The positives on both sides are there, now it’s up to you to decide. Protection Status

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